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Polluters in Lansing, Michigan
Eckert & Moores Park Station8725824,052,819.12
General Motors Corporation - Lansing Plants 2,3& 6482373,413,652.61
Lansing Board Of Water & Light Erickson8713012,247,554.17
State Of Michigan37741,158.35
Ashland Distribution Company107315,155.26
Sparrow Health System407033,601.73
Melling Forging Co385927,414.19
Asc Inc245872,883.00
Spartan Asphalt Paving Co.3348239,629.10
General Motors Lansing Facility - Plant 11144464,957.04
John Henry Co The63999,593.00
Bay County Development Landfill2828380.42
Dagget Sand & Gravel Landfill2828559.64
Coleman Road Site2828448.23
Granger Waste Management Fac# 1 Ext Of 33-0000052828135.93
Metro Recycling / Lf28282,752.26
W R Grace Chemical Company282814,242.21
Bwl Comfort Street Disposal282814,242.21
City Of Lansing Sanitary Land282814,242.21
North Lansing Fill #12828970.67
Grangers Illegal Landfill282814,242.21
North Lansing Landfill #22828217.07
Ais Construction Equipment Corp181919,534.14
Gmvm Lansing Plants 2 3 & 6 (Body)1019883,112.50
Gmvm - Lansing Grand River Assembly91615,414.30
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc - Lansing Terminal11662,342.00
Gmvm-Lansing #191555,539.70
Granger Wood Street Landfill715369,796.00
Pratt & Whitney Autoair21411,662.00
Lansing Board Of Water & Light-Erickson55448,967.50
Jet Engineering Inc.352,472.00
Atmosphere Annealing Inc4568,321.00
Barnes Aerospace Lansing Div.12500.00
Baryames Cleaners Inc116,817.00
Aurora Specialty Chemistries113.00
Carl Schlegel Inc.11532.00
Bodycote Thermal Processing113,127.00