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Polluters in Lansing, Michigan
Ais Construction Equipment Corp181919,534.14
Asc Inc245872,883.00
Ashland Distribution Company107315,155.26
Atmosphere Annealing Inc4568,321.00
Aurora Specialty Chemistries113.00
Barnes Aerospace Lansing Div.12500.00
Baryames Cleaners Inc116,817.00
Bay County Development Landfill2828380.42
Bodycote Thermal Processing113,127.00
Bwl Comfort Street Disposal282814,242.21
Carl Schlegel Inc.11532.00
City Of Lansing Sanitary Land282814,242.21
Coleman Road Site2828448.23
Dagget Sand & Gravel Landfill2828559.64
Eckert & Moores Park Station8725824,052,819.12
General Motors Corporation - Lansing Plants 2,3& 6482373,413,652.61
General Motors Lansing Facility - Plant 11144464,957.04
Gmvm - Lansing Grand River Assembly91615,414.30
Gmvm Lansing Plants 2 3 & 6 (Body)1019883,112.50
Gmvm-Lansing #191555,539.70
Granger Waste Management Fac# 1 Ext Of 33-0000052828135.93
Granger Wood Street Landfill715369,796.00
Grangers Illegal Landfill282814,242.21
Jet Engineering Inc.352,472.00
John Henry Co The63999,593.00
Lansing Board Of Water & Light Erickson8713012,247,554.17
Lansing Board Of Water & Light-Erickson55448,967.50
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc - Lansing Terminal11662,342.00
Melling Forging Co385927,414.19
Metro Recycling / Lf28282,752.26
North Lansing Fill #12828970.67
North Lansing Landfill #22828217.07
Pratt & Whitney Autoair21411,662.00
Sparrow Health System407033,601.73
Spartan Asphalt Paving Co.3348239,629.10
State Of Michigan37741,158.35
W R Grace Chemical Company282814,242.21