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Polluters in Holland, Michigan
Afco Industries714837,576.00
Baker Furniture Co11282,334.00
Bbi Enterprises L.P. Inc.2239,824.00
Bbi Enterprises, L.P.51424,679.00
Boar'S Head Provisions Co., Inc.35454,362.77
Cdr Pigments And Dispersions368687,188.59
Donnelly Corp368249,296.37
Donnelly Corp.2421,017.00
Donnelly Corporation37184105,044.40
Fifth Street Service Area28283,514.27
Fillmore Township Dump2828324.45
Gentex Corp. Fire Protection Div.110.24
Gpm Inds. Inc.116,300.00
Gpm Industries Inc2528,427.00
Hart & Cooley, Inc.375661,184.79
Haworth Inc725170,977.00
Herman Miller Inc123,000.00
Holland Board Of Public Works181886.18
Holland Bpw, 48th Street Peaking Station1658235,631.27
Holland Bpw, Generating Station & Wwtp974143,816,414.16
Holland Slf2828970.67
Holland Terminal, Inc.1781,496.00
Holland Usa353,037.00
Hope College353521,486.63
Johnson Controls Interiors - Lakewood/Beechwood112517,686.70
Johnson Controls Interiors - Maplewood/Meadowbrook112435,119.35
Johnson Controls Interiors L.L.C. It/Sv/Cw Facility11130.00
Johnson Controls Interiors-Southview/It/Cottonwood124654,279.77
K C Industries Inc61642,162.00
Kraft Foods North America, Inc. - Lifesavers Fac.376332,897.46
Louis Padnos Iron & Metal389719,240.00
Mahle Valve Train Inc.2420.00
Overisel Township Dump2828324.45
Pfizer Global Manufacturing, Holland Plant44102298,525.14
Powerquest Boats Inc.21143,702.00
Quincy Street, Inc.36371,040.28
R T London Company1412,529.00
Repcolite Paints Inc.12500.00
Robertshaw Controls2468,273.30
S2 Yachts Inc. - Tiara Yachts Division1688,857.00
Sherwin-Williams Company1149177,999.83
Sligh Furniture Company415523,222.50
Southwest Ottawa County Lf28283,514.27
Specialty Heat Treat Of Holland Inc.112,163.00
Steketee-Van Huis11720,478.00
The Worden Company2450,094.00
Tiara Yachts Inc. A Div. Of S2 Yachts Inc.22598,413.00
Trans-Matic Mfg. Co.115.00
Trendway Corporation3357,812.00
Uniform Color Co.33509.00