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Polluters in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Adac Automotive Trim 36th St. Plant101322,971.38
Aggregate Industries Grand Valley Plant508290,846.04
Allied Finishing Inc.2423.00
American Seating Company354013,875.00
Arvron Inc13131,210.00
Benteler Automotive Corp.11250.00
Benteler Automotive Corp.11750.00
Benteler Automotive Incorporated104427,156.00
Betz Industries Inc115983,960.13
Blackmer A Dover Resources Co.35437.30
Butterworth Site282840,502.10
Cascade Die Casting / Mid-State110.00
Cascade Engineering, Inc7712.13
Chemcentral/Grand Rapids103517,300.00
Citation Grand Rapids1115.00
City Of Wyoming Disposal28289,904.76
Cook Composites And Polymers Co.427538,040.18
Decc Co Inc33330,920.00
Delphi Automotive Systems (Delphi-E)358182,392.06
Dewitt Barrels Inc1333,125.00
Doezema Farms28283,101.73
Dykema Excavators Inc.30319,353.56
Enamelite Industries, Inc.11325,933.00
Grand Rapids Asphalt3347200,924.99
Grand Rapids Metal Fabrication385594,559.85
Greenville Landfill2828412.83
Grocer'S Baking Company - Grand Rapids429162,817.00
Gypsum Property2828324.45
H.B. Fuller Co.52135,483.00
Hekman Furniture Company711143,841.00
Ics - Michigan, Llc4865,394.00
Independence Recycling Inc28310.00
Independence Recycling Inc.28310.00
Internal Grinding Abrasive364,519.10
Irwin Seating Co11836.00
Keeler Brass Company4271233,746.58
Kellogg'S Morning Foods Grand Rapids Bakery1128,577.00
Kent Career Technical Center35355,615.07
Kent County District Heating And Cooling44264253,727.07
Kent County Waste To Energy Facility50108538,136.01
Kentwood Manufacturing Company222,084.00
Kentwood Mfg Co2212,057.00
Kindel Furniture Company22259,319.00
Knoll Inc3647387.44
Lakeland Finishing Inc1239,015.00
Lear Corporation - Grand Rapids353625,679.41
Leon Plastics376113,711.21
Macdonald'S Industrial Products - Plant #3364814,667.24
Master Finish Co.1110.00
Medtronic Inc. Attn: Sterile Systems37773,099.38
Meridian Automotive Systems Inc 1 & 7 Grand Rapids122173,547.96
Metal Components Inc3113,604.00
Michigan Foam Products Llc5658,159.00
Michigan Wheel Corp.3357.00
Midwest Plating Co. Inc.115.00
Miller Products, Inc.514183,333.00
Oliver Products Co1159,724.00
Ottawa Aggregates Inc30314,275.65
Ottawa Aggregates Inc30314,450.17
Ottawa Aggregates Inc3031129.95
Ottawa Aggregates Inc30319,342.08
Ottawa Aggregates Inc30311,169.52
Paulstra Crc Corporation398133,285.75
Plastic Plate Inc9129,327.00
R T London Company1221,083.00
Reliance Finishing Co.54912,801.00
Riverside Sand & Gravel Landfill28283,101.73
Safety Kleen Corp.3111,284.00
Smiths Aerospace51122,282.00
Specialty Heat Treating Inc.111,148.00
Spectrum Cubic92321,421.00
Spectrum Industries Inc82860,505.00
State Disposal Corp28289,904.76
State Heat Treating Inc.11250.00
Steelcase Inc. - Grand Rapids Complex411961,093,692.03
Steeltech Ltd.3315.00
Stephenson And Lawyer Inc2418,301.70
Thierica, Inc.42146,405.47
Valley City Plating41010,678.33
Venture Grand Rapids, L.L.C.1127160,909.31
Worthen Industries, Inc.51283,962.00
Yamaha Musical Prods.110.12