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Polluters in Bay City, Michigan
Gm Powertrain Group Bay City Plant4012954,723.85
Monitor Sugar Company36127610,215.47
Bay City Electric Light & Power154044,375.05
Bay City Electric Light & Power154013,235.66
Bay City Wastewater Treatment Plant34393,292.73
Crane Resistoflex, Plastic Lined Piping Products36384,557.53
Bangor Township Slf2828248.32
City Of Bay City Dump282815,117.89
Frankenlust Township Dump2828380.42
Monitor Township Landfill2828380.42
Marathon Ashland Petroleum-Bay City Wilder Term.12526,758.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc- Bay City-Marquette32384,511.00
Bit-Mat Products Of Michigan Inc C / O Klink Tru1193,773.00
Monitor 11 Cpf51052,524.00
Quantum Composites Inc236,201.00
Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership120.00
Carbone Of America Ultra Carbon Div.11123.00