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Polluters in Bay City, Michigan
Gm Powertrain Group Bay City Plant4012954,723.85
Monitor Sugar Company36127610,215.47
Crane Resistoflex, Plastic Lined Piping Products36384,557.53
Bay City Wastewater Treatment Plant34393,292.73
Bangor Township Slf2828248.32
City Of Bay City Dump282815,117.89
Frankenlust Township Dump2828380.42
Monitor Township Landfill2828380.42
Bay City Electric Light & Power154013,235.66
Bay City Electric Light & Power154044,375.05
Monitor 11 Cpf51052,524.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc- Bay City-Marquette32384,511.00
Quantum Composites Inc236,201.00
Carbone Of America Ultra Carbon Div.11123.00
Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership120.00
Bit-Mat Products Of Michigan Inc C / O Klink Tru1193,773.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum-Bay City Wilder Term.12526,758.00