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Polluters in Worcester, Massachusetts
1017 Southbridge Associates550.00
Abbott Bioresearch Center Inc813645,692.00
Aggregate Inds. Northeast Region Inc.110.22
Allegro Microsystems1224230,088.00
Allmerica Financial812936,000.00
American Furniture Restoration550.00
Assumption College83115,145.00
At&T Worcester7145,901.00
Ballard Street Landfill28281,582.67
Bancroft Building6116,000.00
Bigelow Electrical550.00
Body Shop World By Wagner5204,580.00
Brunelle Dump282888,267.06
Brussels Development6610,000.00
Burncoat Middle Scho662,000.00
Burncoat Senior High662,000.00
Central Administration552,000.00
Charles River Laboratories53514,715.00
Charles River Laboratories57538,847.00
Chevalier Furniture552,000.00
Clark Associates550.00
Clark University861453,596.00
College Of The Holy Cross87886,596.00
Columbus Park School550.00
Commerce Building Associates7730,000.00
Concord Wire Company5406,000.00
Continental Consolid5514,000.00
Coyne Textile Servic52016,000.00
Creative Packaging Inc8220.00
Creative Paper Inc82367,200.00
David Clark Company89917,686.00
Doherty High School51014,000.00
Eddington Thread Mfg89333,122.00
Fapl Corporation5700.00
Flexographic Printin5257,157.00
Four Biotech5100.00
Gkn Sinter Metals Inc85523,222.00
Goddard School Of Science + Technology5108,000.00
Goddard Valve Corporation551,122.00
Grand Realty Trust61716,000.00
Green Hill Park Landfill28281,650.36
Guaranty Building5104,000.00
Heinrich Ceramic Decal57024,000.00
John J Adams Die Corporation62726.00
Killeen Machine Tool Co5204,514.00
Kinefac Corporation5204,000.00
Komtek Div Kervick1210710,690.08
L&J Of New England610726,308.00
Lavigne Press5526,000.00
Lincoln Village54010,000.00
Lindberg Heat Treat8432,000.00
Lutco, Inc.5102,000.00
Luxtec Corporation550.00
Madison Cable Corporation72114,000.00
Massachusetts Electric Company6751,810.00
Morgan Construction6168,000.00
Morgan Construction923224,582.00
Msf Incorporated Comeplay6610,000.00
Ned Corporation5156,000.00
Nelson Place School550.00
New Method Plating Co5150.00
New Street Realty Corporated5106,000.00
North High School552,000.00
Notre Dame Dulac Institute51526,000.00
Park Plaza550.00
Plumley Village East778,000.00
Pullman Street Dump2828313.63
Quinsigamond College5304,000.00
Rand Whitney Container94622,500.00
Riley Power Inc81162,741.00
Royal Institutional Services, Inc51010,063.00
Rural Cemetery5200.00
Slater Building5514,000.00
St Francis Home5256,000.00
St Gobain141389973,396.80
St Gobains Performance Plastics913030,288.00
St Vincent Hosp @ Worc Med Ctr79116,000.00
Stripping Workshop, The5902,000.00
Swedish Cemetery6220.00
Table Talk Pies Incorporated7560.00
Tatnuck Magnet Schoo550.00
Torwel Industries555,000.00
Towne & Country Cleansing Craftsmen, Inc71419,360.00
Tsi Mason Research5150.00
Umass Medical Center8144481,012.00
Umass Medical Center64032,404.00
Umass Memorial Medical Center62996,079.00
Umass Memorial Medical Center69519,060.00
University Of Massachusetts Foundation5100.00
Unum-Provident Company7704,000.00
Us Postal Service56516,480.00
Vellumoid Inc51510,000.00
Verizon Massachusetts5101,367.00
Vernon Hill Development Llc86518,000.00
Vernon Hill School5108,000.00
Victoria Realty550.00
White Cleaners61614,000.00
Woodmeister Corp.5306,138.00
Woodmeister Corp.5306,272.00
Worcester Academy63340,000.00
Worcester Army National Guard7561,544.00
Worcester Art Museum7356,050.00
Worcester Bancroft School5150.00
Worcester City Hall5104,000.00
Worcester Common Outlets86210,940.00
Worcester East Middle51516,000.00
Worcester Housing Authority664,000.00
Worcester Housing Authority51012,000.00
Worcester Memorial Auditorium5516,000.00
Worcester Mfg Inc65530,545.00
Worcester Millbrook Llc5514,000.00
Worcester Polytechnical Institute887157,020.00
Worcester Regional Transit Authority54012,000.00
Worcester State College711922,044.00
Worcester State Hospital852104,904.00
Worcester Superior Court83012,029.00
Worcester Telegram & Gazett61110,000.00
Worcester Vocational Tech High School5100.00
Worcester Vocational Tech High School5102,000.00
Worcester Vocational Tech High School61228,000.00
Worcester Wire Company Dump282885,938.72
Wright Line Incorporated885117,625.00
Wyman Gordon Company65516,939.00
Ymca Central Branch61126,000.00