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Polluters in Holyoke, Massachusetts
Adhesive Applications Inc-Dielectric127213,218.00
American Electric Cable5151,000.00
Ampad Corporation5200.00
Ampad Corporation5856,284.00
Beaudoin Village5200.00
Eh Friedrich Co554,000.00
General Cleaners Of Holyoke550.00
Hampden Papers Inc711214,536.00
Hazen Paper Company8223161,366.00
Highland Laundry Co5150.00
Holiday Cleaners550.00
Holyoke Animal Hospital550.00
Holyoke Community College8862,000.00
Holyoke Gas & Electric Department832486,000.00
Holyoke Geriatric56534,000.00
Holyoke Hospital88642,178.00
Holyoke Landfill28286,549.97
Holyoke Mall At Ingleside51512,000.00
Holyoke Soldiers Home54524,000.00
Holyoke Water Power Company7513716,113,699.51
Holyoke Wwt Plant7771,590,243.00
Kelly School Holyoke5200.00
Lyman Terrace5150.00
Lynch Middle School5150.00
Marcus Printing Company5100.00
Mastex Industries Incorporated5250.00
New England Etching711212,641.00
Pioneer Valley Plating550.00
Pratt & Austin Company Inc5100.00
Providence Hospital63440,000.00
Rotadyne Decorative Technologies5407,286.00
Sisters Of Providence5200.00
Toepfert Apartments5200.00
Totsy Manufacturing550.00
Us Tsubaki Incorporated6176,676.00
Westside Finishing77771.00