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Polluters in Owensboro, Kentucky
Ashland Petroleum Co1610,128.82
Ashland Pipe Line Llc1225,349.66
Barton Brands Ltd520391,344.82
Centennial Resources Inc1190.00
Charles Medley & Assoc5130.00
Coal Recovery Iv160.00
Coal Recovery Systems Inc115536.49
Concord Custom Cleaners114,307.20
Concord Custom Cleaners114,307.20
Dana Corp51640,952.18
Daramic Inc6592,759,561.92
Darrin'S Cleaners111,346.00
Dart Polymer Inc9134190,877.91
Daviess Co Fiscal Court2336,922.24
Daviess Co Sand & Gravel194943.88
Daviess County Landfill2828136.45
Earthgrains Baking Co Inc12308.27
Farmers Elevators Inc51810,913.81
Fibermark Inc6110.00
Field Packing Co61123,122.52
General Electric Co51463,729.32
Gohmann Asphalt & Construction Inc180.00
Hausner Hard-Chrome Inc318175.83
Heckett Multiserv Plt 232626,113.03
Hendrick Screen Co.225.00
Hon Company The1571357,502.46
Jacksons Pronto Cleaners11807.60
Katterjohn Concrete Prod15259.18
Ken-Tron Mfg. Inc.1127,300.00
Key Oil Co1615,040.81
Kimberly-Clark Corporation976673,921.07
Lafarge Corporation13324.53
Miles Farm Supply Inc160.00
Miles Farm Supply Inc1431,399.90
Modern Welding Co.193549,051.86
Mpd, Inc66511,350.22
Mr Tuxedo Inc113,257.32
Ohio Valley Terminals Inc1230.00
Omico Plastics Inc2573,941.55
Owensboro Brick & Tile182196,353.89
Owensboro Concrete Co111734.34
Owensboro Grain Co1473,831.80
Owensboro Grain Co71114,185,910.36
Owensboro Grain Co,. Inc.4133,432.31
Owensboro Grain Ed Oil5145,505.02
Owensboro Landfill282810,867.14
Owensboro Municipal Util8537139,694,099.38
Owensboro Paving Co62079,536.54
Owensboro River Sand & Gr1780,395.69
Owensboro Riverport Authority1120.00
Qc Of Ky, Inc.79325.25
Quality Cleaners111,749.80
Quality Oil Co160.00
Southern States Coop Inc172,979.50
Southern States Coop Inc63337,716.85
Sun Windows Inc11696.25
Swan Cleaners/Shirt Lndry114,307.20
Swedish Match62226,877.35
Texas Gas Trans Corp51344,700.66
Texas Gas Transmission Corporation540383.94
Titan Fabrication366,091.85
Transit Mix Concrete Co.16206.29
Transmontaigne Terminal75038,313.82
Unifirst Corp5141,441.06
Velottas Pavement & Coating580.00
Vogue Cleaner111,615.20
W. R. Grace & Co.-Conn1551247,268.00
West Irving Die Casting Of Kentucky46276.00
Whitehall Furniture Llc1054219.74