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Polluters in Lexington, Kentucky
Americas Finest Woodworking Team Inc134557,286.36
Aramark Uniform Services5426,615.86
Asphalt Terminal Inc130.00
Bfi Waste Sys Of N America342,381.34
Blackburn Correctional61617,078.21
Blue Star Plastics Inc886,161.16
Bluegrass Sandblasting8110.00
Bluegrass Sandblasting110.00
Bosch Rexroth Corporation83320,728.81
Central Kentucky Asphalt5130.00
Central Kentucky Asphalt132939,633.03
Central Kentucky Asphalt523177,511.91
Central Kentucky Asphalt51795,432.78
Central Ky Process6759,095.54
Central Ky Processing77825,940.45
Ceradyne Co. Semicon Assoc.22199,464.00
Chevron Products Co61462,536.41
Clean Harbor Environment120.00
Cloud Concrete Products15164.73
Color & Supply Inc292,488.32
Commonwealth Block Co Inc481,789.70
Commonwealth Block Co Inc1497.06
Concrete Materials Corp17292.26
Cooper Painting Inc612485.35
Crest Products Inc7302,879.06
Crouse Concrete162,780.96
Eastlex Machine Corporation47133.89
Federal Medical Center530105,149.20
Foam Design Inc6152,664.16
Fort James Operating Co73152,338.60
G F Vaughan Tobacco Co6155,781.15
Garcy Corporation76753,678.82
Ge Co. Kentucky Glass Plant2426,405.00
General Electric Co61081,061,175.83
General Electric Co1438170,779.16
Harrod Concrete & Stone Co11312,200.92
Intermont Terminals Inc140.00
International Business Machines Corp62699.07
International Paper94334,927.90
J M Smucker Company, The573128,091.28
Kentucky Utilities Co530903.15
Ky Dept Military Affairs1412716,127.46
L-3 Communications1226656.97
Lexington / Fayette Landfill282829,077.90
Lexmark International Inc8143105,724.61
Linkbelt Construction10119125,635.12
Marathon Ashland Pet Llc64234,852.79
Matco Inc1140.00
Moore Dp, Llc6192,287.09
Mountain Enterprises Inc5872,299.79
Mountain Enterprises Inc5120.00
Mountain Enterprises Inc51344,439.01
Mountain Enterprises Inc142298,357.85
Newell Enterprises, Llc5160.00
Oscar Hornsby, Inc.160.00
Parker Hannifin Corp5231,768.14
Prestress Services Of Ky16764.48
Safety-Kleen Sys. (409001)125.00
Samaritan Hospital52010,651.21
Scan-Pac Mfg Co Inc352,504.78
Semicon Assocs1181,780.00
Sherman Dixie Concrete Industries15308.31
Southwestern Portland1331,880.54
Southwestern Tobacco Co6180.00
Square D Co82096,410.89
St Joseph Hospital63315,327.66
Thomas Concrete Inc16458.85
Trane Company105628,104.00
University Of Kentucky8991,931,236.21
Vulcan Constr Material Lp113623,269.04
Vulcan Constr Material Lp16750,308.07
W T Congleton Co16159.14
Webasto Roof Systems Inc146,252.93
Wt Congleton Co1141,100.97