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Polluters in Frankfort, Kentucky
Topy Corporation1311564,810.51
Buffalo Trace Distillery6782,102,597.73
Harrod Concrete & Stone16718,415.83
Commonwealth Of Kentucky63713,355.10
Ky Dept Military Affairs5302,622.33
Sam Dills Landfill2828324.45
Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems Llc62532,188.19
Jim Beam Brands Company6241,023,238.73
American Wire Products102278,306.58
Frankfort Materials62130,087.77
Kentucky State University61776,069.95
Frankfort Plastics91447,645.88
Kings Daughters Hospital6114,633.00
Harrod-Carter Inc511475.49
Montaplast Of N America59133,609.25
Bfi Waste Sys N America77198,971.44
Central Ky Coatings Inc260.00
Lee Masonry Products Inc1261.78
Hendrix & Dail Inc.123,000.00
Scapa Press Fabrics12972.31
James B Beam Distill Co11716,268.37
Stone Castle Properties11445,022.40