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Polluters in Bowling Green, Kentucky
Amcor Flexibles Inc73051,410.56
American Limestone Company16975,656.38
American Sunroof Company1052116,252.67
Bada Co6101,916.59
Bando Mfg Of America Inc31371,975.59
Big B Cleaners #110113,499.60
Big B Cleaners #112113,499.60
Big B Cleaners #118113,499.60
Big B Cleaners #120113,499.60
Bluegrass Spec Flooring5760,249.43
Bowling Green Concrete17104.45
Concord Custom Cleaners113,499.60
Desa International Inc65021,769.05
Eagle Industries Llc1267454,747.03
Fabric Cleaners113,499.60
Fort James Operating Co64032,851.06
General Motors Corp13891,145,106.84
Hayes Lemmerz Intl56720,045.98
Hills Pet Nutrition, Inc612331,668.42
Hinton Cleaners Inc113,499.60
Holley Performance Prod1162334,638.59
Huish Detergents Inc57374,030.30
Kenway Concrete Inc19395.99
Kenway Contracting Inc5100.00
Kenway Contracting Inc160.52
Kenway Contracting Inc160.00
Kenway Paving Llc5613,760.48
Kerr Group Inc243,195.14
Kroger Country Oven Bakry5215,730.19
Lee Masonry Products Inc151,356.00
Lord Corporation1582179,218.25
Medical Center880.00
Modern Welding Co Of Ky10358,201.87
Murphy Red-E-Mix Inc1727,298.47
Nhk Associated Spring1015788,925.83
Opus Horn Repair7100.00
Parts Cleaning Technologies26185,486.00
Pj Murphy Forest Products Cor6206,186.21
Renaissance Mark1036151,475.90
Rinker Materials South Central Inc17323,122.20
Rinker Materials South Central Inc120562.83
S R Of Ky Inc1213474,384.32
Sca Incontinence Care117262.00
Scott Mclean Inc772,690.26
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc62170,878.10
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc18211.10
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc112287.68
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc51280,325.74
Scottys Contracting & Stone Llc62613,012.61
Stoody Company1159159,091.34
Stupp Bridge Company3615,156.92
Sunset Cleaners Inc113,499.60
Trace Die Cast Inc12684174,937.92
Triple K Construction Co13213,319.45
Valspar Industries Usa Inc1041333,872.90
Viking Energy Llc5150.00
Western Ky University612163,112.18
Weyerhaeuser Co104917,991.33
Willamette Industries5211,020.30
Woodcraft Industries Inc5953,879.27
Woodwork Of Mid-America15216,702.22