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Polluters in Wichita, Kansas
Air Capitol Plating, Inc.123849,497.00
Apac-Kansas, Inc., Shears Division #9165538,484.00
Atofina Chemicals Inc. Wichita Plant5106,001.00
Avery Dennison Corporation121823,135.44
Bg Prods. Inc.559,887.00
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group421092,701,350.85
Brooks-Sedgwick County Landfill282823,359.18
Cargill Inc.1119,700.00
Cargill, Inc. (Soybean Mill)71221,209,636.83
Case, Llc16164283,589.60
Century Mfg. Inc.111,200.00
Cessna Aircraft Co.-Pawnee Facility1458339,764.13
Cessna Aircraft Division - Mid-Continent1897340,557.99
Chance Rides Mfg, Inc.3423,540.00
City Of Wichita -Wichita Gas Producers101042,647.09
Clean Harbors Kansas, Llc112.04
Coleman Co., Inc. (The)2057211,620.53
Conoco, Inc.-Wichita Products Terminal52599,918.00
Custom Cupboards, Inc.77162,160.00
Earthgrains Baking Companies, Inc.3457,170.56
Farmland Foods Inc. Wichita1117,000.00
Ferroloy, Inc.461,660.19
Fiber Glass Systems, L.P.561,513.07
Globe Engineering Company, Inc.7831,899.02
Grede Foundries, Inc.26168481,949.14
Kansas Paint & Color Company3321,961.08
Kansas Plating, Inc.236,049.50
Kice Industries, Inc.558,223.10
Koch-Glitsch Lp.338.00
Learjet, Inc.236556,543.33
Love Box Co., Inc.5694,685.26
Lubrication Engineers Inc.111.00
Marble Prods. Co.118,856.00
Metal Finishing Company, Inc.1014101,473.44
National By-Products, Inc.6731,160.99
National Metal Finishing, Inc.5711,673.21
Paragon Services Inc.1211,400.00
Phillips Pipe Line Company1540276,156.24
Precision Pattern, Inc.91283,913.09
Raytheon Aircraft Company1775418,860.04
Raytheon Aircraft Services81317,132.22
Rich Mix Prod/Dba Quikrete Of Wichita577,035.60
Robert J Dole Vamc5911,396.59
Sedgwick County Public Works5780,789.15
Tkm Plastics L.P115.00
Tramco, Inc.6922,110.94
Universal Lubricants Inc.1210.00
Valassis Manufacturing Company6731,846.18
Vulcan Chemicals362141,486,235.08
Westar Energy, Inc.461772,387,708.63
Wilko Paint, Inc.5528,971.80
Williams Pipe Line Company Lcc710105,058.92