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Polluters in Kansas City, Kansas
Ash Grove Cement Company-Cement Terminal2250,026.67
Ashland Distribution Co.7132,693.00
Asphalt Sales Co., Inc. (Cmi-St-400)61195,455.61
Barton Solvents, Inc.175518,249.75
Bethany Medical Center587,396.24
Board Of Public Utilities - Kaw384240,455.14
Board Of Public Utilities - Nearman7410525,935,886.12
Board Of Public Utilities - Quindaro8124613,520,661.33
Century Lubricating Oils, Inc.526381,241.88
Certainteed Corporation101561,526,539.78
Columbian Tectank1370209,481.98
Con Agra Foods52073,249.56
Contour Products, Inc.35284,981.97
Darling International, Inc.5520,724.84
Dayton Superior Specialty Chemical Corp. Conspec22775.00
Exide Techs.24309.00
Fairbanks Morse Pump Corp.111378,037.82
Forbo Adhesives, Llc111419,737.58
Fordyce Concrete Co. Inc. Central Avenue Facility110.01
Forest View Landfill, Llc3437218,084.75
Garsite, Llc3612,292.84
General Motors Corp. Fairfax Plant231801,961,449.29
Greystone Graphics5778,678.16
Griffin Wheel Company11111771,509.20
Harcros Chemicals Inc101968,909.31
Holliday Sand & Gravel Company5109,508.35
Inland Quarries11103,935.06
J.M. Fahey Construction, Cr Adm100406712,335.39
Kansas University Medical Center51059,256.96
Kaw Valley Sand And Gravel, Inc.569,095.91
Keebler Company618354,202.98
Land Olakes Farmland Feed, Llc5940,780.44
Lsi Midwest Lighting, Inc.5898,611.45
Magellan Pipeline Company, Llc9245656,466.96
Magellan Pipeline Company, Llc1240.07
Meridian Automotive Systems, Inc.16319437,763.70
Mid-West Terminal Warehouse111,248.20
Omni Oxide Kansas Oxide Div.1228.00
Owens Corning132472,373,531.62
Pbi/Gordon Corp.1210.00
Peerless Conveyor & Manufacturing Corp4516,668.55
Permatex, Inc.112520,391.00
Phillips Pipe Line Co.-K.C. Terminal1762239,936.87
Pq Corporation1084715,214.07
Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Co.1138191,747.52
Rich Mix Products, Inc., Dba Quikrete11839.63
Schroer Mfg. Co.3630.00
Sinclair Pipeline Company1578175,135.20
Stericycle, Inc.121522,370.62
Unimark Oil Co.121,352.00