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Polluters in South Bend, Indiana
City Of South Bend-Wastewater Treatment64171559,506.86
Imagineering Enterprises, Inc.467314,150.41
New Energy Corp.431227,119,586.45
Aramark Uniform Services41418,006.30
South Bend Absorbtech? Llc.4144109,057.81
Gallery Graphics Group4041134,113.43
Mohawk Flush Doors, Inc.405910,324.84
Ashland Distribution South Bend Plant39401,020.80
Whitford Trailer & Equipment39455,014.00
Indiana University-South Bend39782,667.66
Walsh & Kelly Inc.394533,761.62
Rieth-Riley Asphalt Plant #365355868,241.31
Donnell Inc Solid Fill Site28281,309.16
Asphalt Engineers Inc252563,017.92
South Bend Terminal - Bet162639,100.00
Total Enterprises, Ltd.11257,776.02
South Bend Medical Foundation1111991.61
Raco, Inc.112223,689.65
Royal Adhesives & Sealants924158,898.39
Bowne South Bend Manufacturing8829,294.00
Honeywell Inc. Combo (141-5&6)8159247,357.25
Clark Station # 379552,834.60
Abtrex Industries51031,778.32
Steel Warehouse Company, Inc.482,635.00
Molding Products Div41440,392.57
Federal Mogul Corporation - Power Train Systems3669.00
Eaton Corporation Forge Division2210.00
Van Waters And Rogers Inc24232.00
Univar Usa Inc. South Bend24232.00
Safety-Kleen Systems (508201)126.00
Kokoku Wire Industries Corporation12910.00
Mossberg And Company, Inc.1743,630.20
Mann & Hummel Usa Inc.1150.00