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Polluters in South Bend, Indiana
New Energy Corp.431227,119,586.45
City Of South Bend-Wastewater Treatment64171559,506.86
Honeywell Inc. Combo (141-5&6)8159247,357.25
Royal Adhesives & Sealants924158,898.39
Gallery Graphics Group4041134,113.43
South Bend Absorbtech? Llc.4144109,057.81
Rieth-Riley Asphalt Plant #365355868,241.31
Asphalt Engineers Inc252563,017.92
Mossberg And Company, Inc.1743,630.20
Molding Products Div41440,392.57
South Bend Terminal - Bet162639,100.00
Walsh & Kelly Inc.394533,761.62
Abtrex Industries51031,778.32
Bowne South Bend Manufacturing8829,294.00
Raco, Inc.112223,689.65
Imagineering Enterprises, Inc.467314,150.41
Mohawk Flush Doors, Inc.405910,324.84
Aramark Uniform Services41418,006.30
Total Enterprises, Ltd.11257,776.02
Whitford Trailer & Equipment39455,014.00
Clark Station # 379552,834.60
Indiana University-South Bend39782,667.66
Steel Warehouse Company, Inc.482,635.00
Donnell Inc Solid Fill Site28281,309.16
Ashland Distribution South Bend Plant39401,020.80
South Bend Medical Foundation1111991.61
Kokoku Wire Industries Corporation12910.00
Van Waters And Rogers Inc24232.00
Univar Usa Inc. South Bend24232.00
Federal Mogul Corporation - Power Train Systems3669.00
Mann & Hummel Usa Inc.1150.00
Eaton Corporation Forge Division2210.00
Safety-Kleen Systems (508201)126.00