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Polluters in Jeffersonville, Indiana
Altec, L.L.C.91168,903.21
Apollo America Corp.40805,834.62
Brinly-Hardy Company2629.48
Carman Industries Inc.13131,519.70
Chemtrusion Indiana, Inc.243,469.27
Clark Memorial Hospital401419,643.64
Former Dairy Mart Stores #1735521.32
G.F. Munich Welding3345,683.52
George Pfaus Sons Company, Inc.4012013,385.33
Horizon Terra, Inc.4745,012.91
Indiana American Water Co., Inc.1717223.41
Indiana American Water Co., Inc.1717817.31
Jefferson Yachts3514,600.00
Kitchen Kompact Inc11131,374,520.33
Koetter Woodworking, Inc.1238,002.87
Tanco Clark Maritime, L.L.C.41412,077.57
The Dallas Group Of America4117012,034.61
The Pq Corporation4092403,940.59
Voss Industries Dba Pgp Corporation414429,089.87