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Polluters in Indianapolis, Indiana
Adm Grain Company406938,534.76
Aero Fab Division Of Tpc2210.00
Allison Transmission General Motors Corp443761,088,844.45
Altec Industries, Inc.347,776.32
American Art Clay Co. Inc.4118237,588.71
Ashland Distribution Co. - Indianapolis4710610,493.78
Asphalt Materials, Inc.4140537,259.09
At Of Gm - Park Fletcher Building 3831623,415.08
Bauer Built, Inc.115,600.00
Best Access Systems161725,203.52
Bmg Music41415,143.00
Bp - Indianapolis Terminal73736,836.76
Bridgeport Brass D/B/A Olin Brass4129271,060.96
Brulin Corp.12260.00
Butler University4132818,586.22
C.C. Perry K Steam Plant915091,512,786.45
Capitol City Container Corp.452,847.18
Capitol City Metals, L.L.C--Shredding Yd3618,758.21
Car Brite Inc.5103,259.00
Cargill Dry Corn Ingredients42167213,971.72
Carrier Corporation1136,360.00
Center Terminal Company71738,970.84
Central Corrugated, Incorporated418215,637.66
Central State Hospital4141190.56
Citadel Architectural Products81624,720.00
Citizens Gas & Coke666494,055,100.98
Citizens Gas & Coke Utility - Lng North456520,366.08
Cmw, Inc.414230,746.23
Commercial Finishing40414,362.02
Commercial Finishing Corp 26th St.40414,382.92
Community Hospital East416249,354.90
Conagra Foods4116423,638.03
Corsi Cabinet Company, Inc.1236,078.62
Covanta Indianapolis, Inc.551911,985,459.39
Cryovac Rigid Packaging Cryovac, Inc.412664,199.65
Daimler Chrysler Corporation Foundry27103577,428.87
Deluxe Financial Services414212,516.43
Design Industries4499,394.88
Diversified Sys. Inc.11750.00
Dorsey Paving Inc46819,738.39
Dow Agrosciences4138242,104.37
E & B Paving Inc.252570,913.07
Ear Specialty Composites & Aearo Company311121,760.00
Elan Operations, Inc.117,113.00
Eli Lilly And Company (Lcc)20236,591.99
Eli Lilly And Company (Ltc)1224123,321.90
Elliott-Williams Co., Inc.113,220.00
Equilon Enterprises Llc-Indianapolis717568,443.54
F.E. Harding Asphalt Company44121111,465.56
Federal Express416916,887.65
Firestone Building Products Co.41524,160.82
Fountaine Truck Equipment Co.111,173.60
Gac Indianapolis Sheetfed Division61015,756.00
Gac Indianapolis Web Division81318,256.01
Gac Midamerica, Inc.11255.00
Geiger & Peters, Inc.4418,638.80
General Cable Inds. Inc.2214.00
General Devices Co., Inc73016,721.11
Georgetown Substation Generating Plant2525154,590.80
Gm Mfd Indianapolis Metal Center404012,694.49
Hanson Aggregates Midwest, Inc-Stone372870,263.87
Heritage Environmental Services Llc911783.24
Holcomb & Hoke Mfg Co,. Inc.39406,224.02
Horner Electric152,502.00
Hubbard Feeds Inc. Formerly Conti Group40586,385.16
Indiana Veneers Corp528839,386.10
Indianapolis Belmont Wwtp601883,345,526.47
Indpls Air Route Traffic Control Center4213818,214.20
Indpls.Juvenile Correctional Facility4180625.17
Industrial Anodizing, Co.1214.00
Industrial Coatings Services418214,530.32
Inland Paperboard - Graphic Resource Cen408941,576.24
Inland Paperboard - Roosevelt404219,119.44
Inland Paperboard - Stout Field414723,283.58
International Truck And Engine Corp.441701,947,836.03
Interstate Brands Corp.3943193,076.92
Interstate Castings42116106,669.46
Ipl Cumberland Substation2018012,116.94
Ipl German Church Substation2020019,238.75
Ipl Harding Street Station92598112,663,680.00
Ipl Prospect Substation2020011,328.51
Ipl Rockville Substation2016012,961.24
Ipl Sunnyside Substation2028016,632.52
Ipl Thompson Substation2048039,604.22
Ipl-Glens Valley Substation2016014,445.02
Ipl-Guion Substation2020015,691.63
Ir Von Duprin367612,846.23
Ivc Industrial Coating215485,348.83
Keller Crescent Co., Inc.9105,187.28
Kerr-Mcgee Chemical Corporation - Fpd415520,073.91
Kroger Company - Indianapolis Bakery42101104,012.48
Lord Corporation675,961.79
Major Tool & Machine, Inc.19203,658.17
Mar-Zane, Inc. Pt. 168864,751.17
Marathon Ashland Pet. - Indpls Terminal720175,437.60
Marathon Ashland Pet.- Speedway Terminal724113,648.74
Metalworking Lubricants Company419446,978.56
Micronutrients, A Division Of Heritage Technologie231,001.00
Milestone Contractors, L.P.4386281,573.10
Miller Veneers,Inc.4747317.09
Modine Midwest Inc.1114.00
Mrm Toluic Company232,790.00
National By-Products, Inc.4189126,125.74
National Starch & Chemical Corporation39658596,661.62
Nch Corp. Mohawk Labs. Div.121,428.00
Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Co493813,655,193.69
Parts Cleaning Technologies, Llc424711,484.56
Poster Display1312,114.10
Pratt Corporation3358,102.94
Praxair Surface Tech. Inc.36449.00
Praxair Surface Tech. Inc.111.00
Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc.6241,317.15
Print Communications12679,209.00
Quaker Oats Co-Mayflower Midwest Facilit4116439,829.15
Quemetco, Inc.42821,285,549.34
Qwest - Pop1717164.76
Qwest - T11717525.01
Raytheon Tech. Services Co.4312835,589.03
Reilly Industries, Inc.455876,189,102.07
Rieth-Riley Asphalt Plant #3253569132,583.24
Rieth-Riley Asphalt Plant #3263558135,181.45
Roche Diagnostics Corporation29145707.63
Rolls-Royce Corporation. Plant 5 & 853387604,972.60
Royal Food Prods. Inc.11450.00
Royal Spa Mfg.114749,626.55
Rtp Company14171,529.07
Saint Clair Press404417,592.03
Scherer Industrial Group, Inc.41463,932.48
Schuster'S Building Products110.10
Seleco, Inc.442,605.60
Sensient Flavors, Inc.414925,933.93
Shorewood Packaging Corp Of Indiana25134,169.80
South Side Landfill, Inc.63268340,440.03
Speedway Landfill2828297.54
Spg Graphics1415,080.00
Sport Graphics, Inc.1330,960.00
St Vincent Hospital4118611,354.21
St. Francis Hospital And Health Center4219515,125.06
Sterling Fluid Sys. (Usa) Inc. Peerless Pump Co.111,082.00
Suburban Steel Supply Company439134,992.55
Sun Chemical Gpi12509.00
Superior Metal Technologies431064,302.08
Superior Oil Company143136,673.00
The Jackson Group1311,880.00
Toyoshima Indiana, Inc.115,005.00
Tpc, Ctp Sheetmetal Div115.00
Ulrich Chemical, Inc.7137,250.00
United Airlines Indpls Maintenance Centr40264132,877.42
Universal Tool & Engineering Co., Inc.1215.00
Valspar Coatings5511992,842.87
Van Waters & Rogers Inc5101,571.00
Village Pantry #3921211.67
Village Pantry #54010105,832.98
Vista Packaging124.60
Visteon Corporation - Indianapolis Plant41132110,345.12
Williamson Polishing & Plating Co., Inc.111.00
Winona Memorial Hospital421507,440.58
Wishard Memorial Hospital401348,286.12
Zimmer Paper Products Inc40435,876.77