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Polluters in Hammond, Indiana
Saint Margaret Mercy Healthcare Centers4161032,323.15
Hammond Group, Inc. (Hgi)4257529,266.84
Cargill, Inc.414542,028,164.35
Huhtamaki Foodservice Inc.44405143,146.94
Lasalle Steel Company4033166,404.46
Jupiter Aluminum Corporation44306313,206.99
State Line Energy Llc9024635,668,967.11
Purdue University Calumet4024015,260.15
Halstab Division Of Hammond Group, Inc.422185,682.30
H. A. Industries-Div Of Am Castle & Co.4020077,002.36
Rhodia Inc.601894,793,811.77
Asf-Keystone, Inc.4218946,187.26
Unilever Hpc Usa41178110,379.45
Shell Oil Products Us East Chicago Term7178136,803.57
Arrow Uniform Rental4016416,925.54
Keil Chem -Ferro Co4814358,775.05
Resco Products, Inc.59136311,273.53
Wolf Lake Terminals, Inc.418418,200.11
Silgan Containers Corp487070,295.38
Bakery Feeds405634,173.92
Vermette Machine Co., Inc.414716,051.79
Shell Oil Products Us Hammond Terminal74137,018.86
Explorer Pipeline Comp.83549,411.60
Exxon Mobil Corporation - Hammond Term123062,507.64
Viking Engineering Company, Inc.9263,066.40
Marathon Ashland Pet., Hammond Terminal722121,240.28
Davies Imperial Coatings, Inc.101838,008.95
Bp Products N.A. Inc- Hammond Tank Farm718123,910.80
H. T. Aluminum Specialties9154,695.39
Pomp'S Tire Service, Inc.138,642.70