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Polluters in Hammond, Indiana
State Line Energy Llc9024635,668,967.11
Rhodia Inc.601894,793,811.77
Resco Products, Inc.59136311,273.53
Silgan Containers Corp487070,295.38
Keil Chem -Ferro Co4814358,775.05
Huhtamaki Foodservice Inc.44405143,146.94
Jupiter Aluminum Corporation44306313,206.99
Hammond Group, Inc. (Hgi)4257529,266.84
Halstab Division Of Hammond Group, Inc.422185,682.30
Asf-Keystone, Inc.4218946,187.26
Cargill, Inc.414542,028,164.35
Unilever Hpc Usa41178110,379.45
Saint Margaret Mercy Healthcare Centers4161032,323.15
Vermette Machine Co., Inc.414716,051.79
Wolf Lake Terminals, Inc.418418,200.11
Lasalle Steel Company4033166,404.46
Bakery Feeds405634,173.92
Arrow Uniform Rental4016416,925.54
Purdue University Calumet4024015,260.15
H. A. Industries-Div Of Am Castle & Co.4020077,002.36
Exxon Mobil Corporation - Hammond Term123062,507.64
Davies Imperial Coatings, Inc.101838,008.95
Viking Engineering Company, Inc.9263,066.40
H. T. Aluminum Specialties9154,695.39
Explorer Pipeline Comp.83549,411.60
Bp Products N.A. Inc- Hammond Tank Farm718123,910.80
Shell Oil Products Us Hammond Terminal74137,018.86
Marathon Ashland Pet., Hammond Terminal722121,240.28
Shell Oil Products Us East Chicago Term7178136,803.57
Pomp'S Tire Service, Inc.138,642.70