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Polluters in Goshen, Indiana
American Cargo Corporation415920,278.88
Behlen Manufacturing Company404015,914.16
Benteler Automotive Corporatio N1144.00
Btc Cabinet113,660.00
Coachmen Rec. Vehicle Plant No.9001119,640.00
Conquest Mini-Homes/Gulfstream Coach,101443,882.33
Dairy Farmers Of America4011846,507.78
Doors And Drawers, Inc.3310,090.35
Dutch Mills1110619,546.35
Dutchmen Mfg. - 376406373,068.28
Dutchmen Mfg. - 380405546,477.87
Forest River, Inc4615149,579.66
Forest River, Inc48515,819.63
Goshen Stamping Company, Inc.4047839.27
Herr Custom Painting457046,190.02
Home-Crest Corporation57104609,920.47
Hoosier House Furniture, Inc.4052996.64
Johnson Controls, Inc.429211,045.81
Keystone Rv Company116,620.00
Lippert Components, Inc5518,073.00
Lippert Components, Inc.5557,936.36
Master Fab Inc.610246,047.27
Medtec Ambulance Corporation (Medtec)426823,003.84
Mica Shop, Inc.101034,420.45
Miller Door & Trim Inc405163,068.34
Noble Composites, Inc.4156366,092.08
Nu-Wood Company41017,206.50
Owens Corning Fabricating Solutions7411,282,129.59
Parker Hannifin426522,796.80
Roadmaster, Llc419724,047.67
Skyline Corporation- Plt 11214188,038.91
Starcraft Bus & Mobility, Div Fr4188106,191.00
Stellite Coatings36780.00
Superior Laminating, Inc.50729,811.12
Supreme Corporation4461263,101.17
Swartzendruber Hardwood Creations, Llc359,922.78
The Commodore Corporation94522,363.89
Vim Recycling, Inc.2106,801.40
Wieland Design, Inc.405012,647.09