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Polluters in Evansville, Indiana
A Asphalt Co. Inc.27585,131.16
Alveys Sign Company1312,638.50
Ameriqual Foods, Inc.397814,728.15
Azteca Milling, L.P.40294448,346.90
Berry Plastics Corp.1260,000.00
Bootz Mfg Co4243889,853.82
Bootz Plumbingware Co127,550.00
Brake Supply82012,653.82
Craddock Finishing Corporation2437,602.66
Deaconess Hospital43784,294.41
Decoring Supplies & Equipment, Inc.405615,121.68
Evansville Metal Prod3637514.40
Evansville Sheet Metal Works, Inc11685.00
Evansville State Hospital418214,450.62
Faultless Caster Corp40859,652.04
Fehrenbacher Cabinets11142,988.18
Ferro Corp. Filled And Reinforced Plast.619121,052.67
Flanders Electric Motor Service4142518.14
Flanders Electric Motor Service402909,688.76
General Electric I&Rs41511,396.77
Geo Koch Sons Inc40995,397.24
Guardian Automotive Trim, Inc.46275949,651.85
Hartford Bakery Inc.40202145,633.75
Hartland Distillations Inc.12260.00
Hoosier Stamping & Mfg. Corp404511,002.62
Indian Industries - Dba Escalade Sports51242,588.71
Indiana Tube Corp.4012174,109.53
Industrial Contractors, Inc. Metal Fab81412,733.71
Inland Paperboard - Evansville408119,224.39
Intrametco Processing Inc.446317,046.55
J.H.Rudolph & Co416754,645.00
Jerry David Asphalt82536,000.78
Karges Furniture Co., Inc.409015,784.73
Keller Crescent Co., Inc.101341,286.75
Kerry Ingredients40168203,042.67
Koch Originals40755,910.99
Krieger & Ragsdale Co., Inc.414511,879.73
Marathon Ashland Pet. - Evansville Term78725,853.42
Master Manufacturing Co., Inc.414822,983.49
Mead Johnson And Company44234233,571.87
Miller Plating And Metal Finishing22260.00
Obryan Barrel Co., Inc.421418,987.46
Ppg Industries, Inc. Wks #284126959,017.30
Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co., Inc.55122157,259.50
Robur Corporation401571,158.92
Safety-Kleen Systems (506001)124.00
Sigeco - Bergdolt Road - Negt27592,373.84
Sigeco - Ohio River2550271,754.81
Silgan Closures, Llc48138195,953.50
Sky Cylinder Testing, Inc.404912,808.82
St. Mary'S Medical Center413094,372.90
St. Mary'S Medical Center - Welborn411232,583.50
Sterling Boiler And Mechanical, Inc.471,097.57
Structural Fabricators, Inc.3313,031.39
Transmontaigne Terminal Inc.711772,596.68
Truck Clean, Inc.1112,896.80
Ulrich Chemical, Inc.5101,800.00
Uniseal, Inc.; Plant #24321927,110.09
Univ Of Evansville4221319,911.13
University Of Southern Indiana3911718,486.68
Whirlpool Corp42164406,141.84