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Polluters in Elkhart, Indiana
Bayer Healthcare Llc41214176,315.73
Norfolk Southern Railway Company3215551,586.41
Et And T Frames, Inc.4615191,257.04
Truck Accessories Group Dba Leer Midwest45112484,649.83
Elkhart Foundry & Machine Co., Inc.1710663,374.23
Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Co. Inc.439837,738.95
Alpha Systems, Inc.4593104,711.17
Bayer Healthcare Llc418721,995.16
Creation Windows407950,037.14
Elpaco Coatings Corporation447694,743.77
Prestigious Printing40757,877.87
Four Winds International Corporation4373125,397.84
Elkhart General Hospital41642,104.61
20th Century Fiberglass4261487,632.40
M And M Fabricators Corporation41616,445.06
Doors Plus, Inc.406192,205.26
Carrera Designs - Plant 14461112,190.80
Specialized Wood Products125967,815.14
Adorn, L.L.C.3959651,015.73
Custom Woodcraft, Inc.405723,215.16
Quality Frames, Inc405715,919.15
Earthmovers Landfill4157144,932.50
Forest River Inc, Cardinal Division435652,816.51
Dexter Axle Co.405346,845.37
Forest River, Inc. Cedar Creek Division475215,905.05
Forest River, Inc. Wildcat Division465114,694.83
Final Finish, Llc46517,525.44
Moulding Division Of Robert Weed Plywood4751163,412.47
Autosport Painted Accessories405011,354.24
20th Century Fiberglass Plant #4414959,501.53
Venture Technologies, Llc424837,761.37
Elkhart County Landfill344876,400.81
Ek Blessings Company, Inc.414820,551.14
Ez Loader40471,026.73
Rieth-Riley Asphalt Plant #3752747102,122.79
Cargomate/Continental Cargo/Wehaul444726,344.70
Damon Coporation Plants 1,2,3 And 9394640,081.17
Vahala Foam, Inc.414633,401.05
North American Moulding, Inc.404614,365.01
Odyssey Boat Division43461,919.23
T.P.C. & Company, Inc.40456,083.36
American Millwork40454,463.04
Eps, Inc. D/B/A Valspar Coatings134523,803.32
Venture Welding, Inc.4044115,931.87
Carpenter Co.40446,424.89
The Art Of Design, Inc.40433,329.72
Beck Industries3942145,613.58
Altec Engineering, Inc.4042153,564.61
Impressions, Inc.41425,086.84
Venture Welding4141801.38
Efp, Corp404185,436.01
Cts Corporation Automotive Products41413,597.04
Ranch Fiberglas, Inc.1026110,336.03
Fiber-Tron, Inc.122234,653.26
Monaco Coach Corporation-Elkhart720344,063.60
Jason Industries, Inc.1020274,311.32
Global Glass Inc.619393,379.54
Vim Recycling717261,583.58
Skyline Corporation- Plt 81212169,505.31
Skyline Corporation- Plt 616121513,493.84
Accra Form Composites51417,507.00
Wevac Plastics Corporation, Llc.51456,634.06
Gaska Tape, Inc.914168,039.45
Hull Lift Truck, Incorporated81313,719.20
D&W Inc.91243,064.19
Crown Audio, Inc.2125,521.09
Godfrey Conveyor Company Inc.412261,174.09
Keystone Rv Company121285,194.60
Vsv Group Dba Mccoy Miller/Goshen Coach1011105,937.42
Premier Fiberglass51024,871.90
Superior2 Solvents And Chemicals, Inc.3104,421.87
Native Hardwoods Inc.101063,080.00
Elkhart Products Corporation898,182.45
Walter Piano Company, Inc.9934,668.00
Lone Star Industries, Inc.391,256.96
Omega Industries, Inc.7856,849.76
Patrick Industries38134,143.14
Cana Inc.68290,071.47
By-Pass Paint Shop Inc2715,583.03
Conn-Selmer, Inc., Vincent Bach Division4711,076.09
Emtec Composites, Inc.6725,104.93
Consolidated Leisure Industries, Llc3742,892.80
Flexible Foam Products, Inc.3625,888.08
Anco Products, Incorporated5511,557.60
Millennium Products, Inc.25134,095.30
Hartson Kennedy Cabinet Top Company, Inc35247,195.00
Patriot Homes Inc.3532,605.45
Wells Cargo, Inc.4562,589.46
Glaval Corporation3513,797.96
Valmont Industries, Inc.247.62
Nickell Moulding Co., Inc.4462,724.74
Dynamax Corporation3425,398.58
Delivery Concepts, Incorporated249,924.30
Lippert Components Inc4443.28
Altec Engineering, Llc2467,560.00
Truth Publishing Company, Inc.333,500.00
Prodesign Paint Plant 8203323,556.62
R D Finishing, Inc.132,389.98
Environmental Test Systems, Inc1310,154.99
Performance Painting1267,760.00
Bfi Waste Systems1243.83
Accra Pac, Inc.12140,136.16
Global Glass Inc.127,698.86
Camco Manufacturing Inc1210,500.00
Hermaseal Co.111.00
Altec Eng. L.L.C.1134,621.00
Royal Coach, Division Of Monaco Coach Co116,400.00
Bennington Marine Corp.114,600.00
Bull Moose Tube Company, Inc117,700.00
Genencor Intl. Indiana Inc.11380.00
Apg, Inc1145.59