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Polluters in Springfield, Illinois
City Water Light & Power7838217,944,429.77
Dallman 7729727,083,732.36
Memorial Medical Center62866,919.06
St Johns Hospital6218318,556.14
Southern Illinois School Of Medicine618218,170.04
Capitol Power Plant4292116,823.91
Ellinger-Kunz & Davis Inc-Dba Spfld Crematory41411,101.59
State Highway Construction Corp Inc415848,702.61
Henry Nelch & Son Co Inc395237,353.32
Hospital Sisters 3rd Order St. Frances393916,803.88
Bisch & Son Memorial Home38385,551.37
Il Department Of Transportation383815,376.38
Aramark Uniform Services Inc38389,629.88
Henry Nelch & Son38505,018.11
Anderson Concrete Products357311,663.98
Illinois State Historical Library3434430.62
City Water Light & Power334831,632.66
City Water Light & Power282866,797.19
Sangamon Valley Landfill28285,411.58
Sangamon Valley Landfill Inc272829,323.43
Truman L Flatt And Sons Inc24472,617.93
Ph Broughton & Sons Inc2424217.02
Illinois & Midland Railroad Inc232312,488.84
Ph Broughton And Sons Inc202721,219.89
Ge Engine Svcs Corp Aviation Inc D/B/A Garrett181920,583.94
City Water Light & Power1819959.40
Springfield Public Schools District 18617176,271.57
Springfield High School - District 18617177,442.94
Washington Middle School - District 18617177,597.35
Lanphier High School - District 18617173,788.68
Grant Middle School - District 18617173,788.68
Edison Middle School - District 18617173,788.68
Illinois Business Center17172,549.22
Southeast High School - District 186171712,380.00
Franklin Middle School - District 18617174,534.41
Kirlin-Egan & Butler Funeral Home17349,819.36
Central Illinois Asphalt Products Inc152645,606.41
Simplex Inc81620,126.09
Central Illinois Light Co77146.89
United Parcel Service77209.52
Nelson Oil Co7710,937.07
Resource Technology Corp6756,360.00
Capitol Ready Mix Inc61431,720.00
Bp Products North America Inc5522,500.00
Capital Ready Mix51432,802.74
Merrills Contractors Inc3319,000.00
Contech Construction Products3153,242.40
Capital Airport312773,200.00
Solomon Grind-Chem Service Inc352,280.00
Info Corner Materials Inc24111,486.52
Williamsville Farmers Coop Grain Co21040,460.02
Springfield Concrete Recycling Co2459,520.00
Surmeier & Surmeier Inc25531.20
Surmeier & Surmeier Inc2369.36
Phillips Brothers Inc2429,222.02
Sally Ward Launderers & Cleaners224,443.00
Bradfordton Coop Assn21214,174.98
Bradfordton Co-Op Assn21023,920.00
Consolidated Grain & Barge21744,880.50
State Journal-Register, The2614,354.18
Doctors Hospital2251.10
U.S. Air Force 183rd Fighter Wing Springfield Illinois Ang124.00
Starcrest Cleaners114,800.00
Bunn-O-Matic Corp11200.00
City Water Light & Power11420.00
Champion Gas & Oil Co Of Springfield116,980.00
Harper Oil Co117,420.00
C & H Gravel Co113,360.00
Frye-Williamson Press Inc1414,260.00
Paris Cleaners-Furriers Inc1134,180.00