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Polluters in Springfield, Illinois
Dallman 7729727,083,732.36
City Water Light & Power7838217,944,429.77
Capital Airport312773,200.00
Capitol Power Plant4292116,823.91
Info Corner Materials Inc24111,486.52
City Water Light & Power282866,797.19
Springfield Concrete Recycling Co2459,520.00
Resource Technology Corp6756,360.00
State Highway Construction Corp Inc415848,702.61
Central Illinois Asphalt Products Inc152645,606.41
Consolidated Grain & Barge21744,880.50
Williamsville Farmers Coop Grain Co21040,460.02
Henry Nelch & Son Co Inc395237,353.32
Paris Cleaners-Furriers Inc1134,180.00
Capital Ready Mix51432,802.74
Capitol Ready Mix Inc61431,720.00
City Water Light & Power334831,632.66
Sangamon Valley Landfill Inc272829,323.43
Phillips Brothers Inc2429,222.02
Bradfordton Co-Op Assn21023,920.00
Bp Products North America Inc5522,500.00
Ph Broughton And Sons Inc202721,219.89
Ge Engine Svcs Corp Aviation Inc D/B/A Garrett181920,583.94
Simplex Inc81620,126.09
Merrills Contractors Inc3319,000.00
St Johns Hospital6218318,556.14
Southern Illinois School Of Medicine618218,170.04
Hospital Sisters 3rd Order St. Frances393916,803.88
Il Department Of Transportation383815,376.38
State Journal-Register, The2614,354.18
Frye-Williamson Press Inc1414,260.00
Bradfordton Coop Assn21214,174.98
Illinois & Midland Railroad Inc232312,488.84
Southeast High School - District 186171712,380.00
Anderson Concrete Products357311,663.98
Nelson Oil Co7710,937.07
Kirlin-Egan & Butler Funeral Home17349,819.36
Aramark Uniform Services Inc38389,629.88
Washington Middle School - District 18617177,597.35
Springfield High School - District 18617177,442.94
Harper Oil Co117,420.00
Champion Gas & Oil Co Of Springfield116,980.00
Memorial Medical Center62866,919.06
Springfield Public Schools District 18617176,271.57
Bisch & Son Memorial Home38385,551.37
Sangamon Valley Landfill28285,411.58
Henry Nelch & Son38505,018.11
Starcrest Cleaners114,800.00
Franklin Middle School - District 18617174,534.41
Sally Ward Launderers & Cleaners224,443.00
Lanphier High School - District 18617173,788.68
Grant Middle School - District 18617173,788.68
Edison Middle School - District 18617173,788.68
C & H Gravel Co113,360.00
Contech Construction Products3153,242.40
Truman L Flatt And Sons Inc24472,617.93
Illinois Business Center17172,549.22
Solomon Grind-Chem Service Inc352,280.00
Ellinger-Kunz & Davis Inc-Dba Spfld Crematory41411,101.59
City Water Light & Power1819959.40
Surmeier & Surmeier Inc25531.20
Illinois State Historical Library3434430.62
City Water Light & Power11420.00
Ph Broughton & Sons Inc2424217.02
United Parcel Service77209.52
Bunn-O-Matic Corp11200.00
Central Illinois Light Co77146.89
Surmeier & Surmeier Inc2369.36
Doctors Hospital2251.10
U.S. Air Force 183rd Fighter Wing Springfield Illinois Ang124.00