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Polluters in Rockford, Illinois
320 Store Inc1717560.82
All Rental Garment Co1113,680.00
Always Aluminum39426,214.76
American Shaft Co.120.20
Amerock Corp50336287,338.04
Anderson Hall Llc404042,203.68
Anderson Packaging Inc243,320.00
Anderson Packaging Inc111,460.00
Aramark Uniform Services Inc38383,424.86
Arlington Memorial Park38383,617.13
Arntzen Corp.332,523.00
Atwood Mobile Products397934,552.69
Avoco Oil Co775,885.96
Barron Industries3318,410.64
Beechner Heat Treating Co Inc44495.60
Behr Metals Inc394832,786.58
Behr Specialty Metal Div Of Behr Iron & Steel Inc3911920,976.06
Bennies Cleaners115,580.00
Bergstrom Manufacturing Co37814,027.71
Chem Processing418528,533.71
Chem Processing Inc164596,899.79
Com Ed- Rock River Division Headquarters77709.91
Cottonwood Airport3361,140.00
Dasco Inc467,560.65
Dean Foods Co398030,704.04
Diamond Heat Treat Inc.1119,360.00
Dip Seal Plastics Inc3434303.50
Eclipse Inc43883,548.76
Elco Industries Inc4597121,063.33
Ello Furniture Manufacturing Co404110,342.55
Emery Air Charter Inc781,758.09
Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc D/B/A Valspar1120270,922.00
Equilon Enterprises Llc72745,812.79
Essex Group Inc4252591,649.21
Estwing Manufacturing Co Inc454724,934.89
Fiberglass Innovations L.L.C.118,621.00
Fitzgerald & Associates Funeral Home41418,884.84
Forest City Technologies Inc6635,556.54
Forgings & Stampings Inc397120,247.53
Fpm Plating Llc394220,869.24
Fpm-Db Metal Finishing39418,727.11
G & K Services Inc394249,939.38
Gates Rubber Co3917215,390.16
Gees Unison Inds.2416.60
Greater Rockford Airport312955,440.00
Greenlee Textron Inc38382,164.21
Guilford Corp9339,742.32
Gunite Corp44105326,370.06
H Douglas Singer Mental Health Center404421,018.11
Haldex Hydraulics, Inc232,360.32
Hamilton Sundstrand49116141,994.72
Hamilton Sundstrand51112340,260.72
Ht Gaston Corp113,760.00
Illinois Tollway - Maintenance Bldg 728363,814.30
Illinois Water Treatment Inc93537,447.32
Ingersoll Cutting Tool Co Member Of The Imc Group11200.00
Ingersoll Milling Machine Co4446177,456.74
Interstate Pollution Control111,860.00
J & M Plating39393,093.50
J & M Plating Co24117.14
J. L. Clark Inc.510129,563.00
Jl Clark Mfg Co4358445,936.64
Kelly-Williamson Co7193,852.45
Kent Feeds Inc395623,739.85
Kinder Morgan G.P. Inc33540.00
Lind-Remsen Printing Co Inc228,017.86
M & M Paltech Inc1160.00
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc72687,378.38
Meyer Material Co405914,050.64
Mgf Industries Llc353734,205.84
Midwest Forging Die Dba Water Works Of Rockford11100.00
Midwest Generation Llc191921,081.71
Modern Custom Casting221,120.00
Muller-Pinehurst Dairy414638,228.92
Neblock Inc33680.00
Nicor Gas713375.26
North American Demolition Inc1117,580.00
Northern Illinois Hospital Services Inc383818,047.77
Northern Illinois Metal Finishing115,760.00
Olson Aluminum Castings Ltd387,701.92
Owens Corning24500.14
Pacsci Motion Control Inc51624,946.30
Performance Products Inc11860.00
Pierce Chemical Co38425,942.04
Poor Clares Sisters-Corpus Christi2020433.31
Prochem Inc International28520.00
Quality Hammer340.76
Rin Rockford Division Of Rin Inc11180.00
Riverview Fs Inc887,514.25
Rock River Heat Treating Co393927,855.01
Rock Road Companies Inc416364,180.61
Rock Valley College353512,394.21
Rock Valley College393918,307.77
Rockford Cement Products Co39488,063.54
Rockford Cemetery Assn38382,450.46
Rockford Drop Forge383834,414.48
Rockford Electric Equipment Co1818620.95
Rockford Foundries5228,860.00
Rockford Memorial Hospital407033,581.23
Rockford Newspaper Inc119,720.00
Rockford Products Corp391177,809.01
Rockford Products Corp393934,549.43
Rockford Sand & Gravel - Cooling Quarry2460,000.00
Rockford Sand & Gravel-Cunningham Quarry2460,000.00
Rockford Sand & Gravel-Mulford Quarry283,920.00
Rockford Sand & Gravel/ Airport Pit2460,000.00
Rockford Sand And Gravel Inc2460,000.00
Rockford Sand And Gravel Inc2460,000.00
Rockford Sand And Gravel Inc2460,000.00
Rockford Silk Screen3744,920.89
Rockford Spring Co101212,926.91
Rocknel Fastener Inc2236,941.00
Rogers Bros. Galvanizing Works63713,870.12
Rogers Ready-Mix & Materials Inc375070,365.77
Schlichting & Sons Excavating Inc2459,520.00
Sherwin Williams Co4465.50
Sherwin-Williams Co285,600.00
Sjostrom & Sons Inc2344,180.00
Source Myco Inc3714711,456.22
Southern Imperial Inc39393,644.83
Sparkle Cleaners114,980.00
Spx Fluid Power381111,963.09
St. Anthony Medical Center406424,783.88
St. Francis Pet Crematory37111413,786.95
Sterling Engines221,020.00
Suntec Industries Inc1111,400.00
Swedish American Hospital4218454,548.55
Testor Corp4511,377.00
Testor Corp.111,470.00
Textron Fastening Systems Inc585,157.98
Tfs Commercial Solutions Group Raycarl Prods.3315.00
Torrington Industries Division/Rockford Plant1218,360.00
Tote Cart Co40464,164.38
Tote Cart Co.112,646.00
Tr Excavating Inc24342.40
U.S. Filter/Rockford2496.00
Unison Industries Inc667,568.00
United Parcel Service447119,287.01
Viking Chemical Co11117,216.60
Warner Lambert45227295,931.36
West Shore Pipe Line Co1138,300.00
West Shore Pipe Line Co1227,060.00
Weyerhaeuser Co-Containerboard Pkg Div395127,063.24
William Charles Investments1616219.48
Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems Llc11140.00
Winnebago County Court House38386,013.45
Winnebago Reclamation Service Inc323639,407.17
Woodward Aircraft Engine Systems39434,229.98