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Polluters in Pekin, Illinois
Abel Vault & Monument Co394341,981.10
Altorfer Power Systems5533,780.00
American Milling Co385267,882.02
American Milling Co218366,040.00
Boc Gases2365,342.00
Byerly Aviation Inc11860.00
Cargill Ferilizer Inc224874,540.00
City Of Pekin778.20
Cornick Concrete Products Co395381,095.68
Cornick Concrete Products Co82222,340.00
Crown Cleaners111,898.00
Edison Intl. Powerton Generating Station812392,844.00
Equilon Enterprises Llc232624,068.25
Excel Foundry & Machine Inc61824,426.60
Hanna Steel Corp424546,238.36
Illinois & Midland Railroad Inc112,620.00
Midwest Generation Llc8322990,168,791.39
Midwest Grain Products Of Illinois393731,123,241.69
Pekin Hardwood Lumber Co332,520.00
Pekin Landfill27276,975.13
Pekin Memorial Hospital396243,175.18
Pekin Paperboard Co Lp385474,861.78
Real Kleen Inc11589.06
Safety-Kleen Sys. (513601)115.00
Safety-Kleen Systems Inc132,800.00
Sommer Brothers Seed Co Inc394316,350.85
Sours Grain Co21659,940.00
Sours Grain Co - North1149,760.00
Staley Consolidated Ready Mix Inc57421.70
Tazewell Machine Works Inc384621,669.99
Trace Chemicals Llc22160.00
Tremont Cooperative Grain Co2274,200.00
United Ready Mix Inc91981,209.66
Williams Ethanol Services Inc8126229,127,937.95