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Polluters in Normal, Illinois
Barnes Elevator Inc2459,420.00
Bloomington Normal Seating Co1513,320.00
Bromenn Health Care Inc406425,071.94
Corn Belt Energy Corp32326,743.91
Darnall Concrete Products Co3840629.17
Evergreen Fs Inc2743,500.00
Hanson'S Cleaners115,328.96
Illinois State University44148217,101.17
Mclean County Asphalt And Concrete Plant571,342.80
Mitsubishi Motor Mfg Of America Inc492652,476,646.71
Mitsubishi Motor Mfg. Of America Inc.1014572,519.00
Rb White Inc394520,279.38
Rowe Construction Co244693,342.98
Rowe Construction Co61441,100.00
Starcrest Cleaners113,993.60
Stark Excavating Inc61625,089.50
Stark Materials2464.48
Twin Cities Ready Mix395374,091.76
Vuteq Corp11127,200.48