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Polluters in Melrose Park, Illinois
Gottlieb Memorial Hospital64805,688.71
International Truck And Engine Corp47261165,087.60
Westlake Hospital439724,407.44
Hi-Temp Inc - Plant 3404113,130.12
Alberto-Culver Usa Inc394513,087.56
Standard Refrigation, Div Of Autorad Inc39791,464.34
Northern Baking39781,134.93
Prarie Material Sales Inc39109155,795.93
Standard Refrigeration - Div Of Autorad39405,383.51
Handy Button Machine Co391568,024.12
A-1 Tool Corp3941975.76
American Pharmaceutical Partners Inc394026,766.13
Milani Foods - Div Alberto-Culver Usa Inc38482,902.75
Lab-Line Instruments Inc3542321.86
Curto-Ligonier Foundries Co20296,788.63
Chez Paw Gardens Inc17178,138.43
Reflector Hardware Corp11149,068.08
Peerless Industries10105,932.84
Mecalux Illinois Inc71813,686.49
Lindberg Heat Treating Co6103,636.26
Benjamin Moore & Co. Melrose Park5105,376.00
Federated Paint Mfg Co Inc556,707.44
Kerry Ingredients Inc4513,240.00
Agi Klearfold41354,907.55
R & R Research Co311248.61
En-Chro Plating, Ltd33225.53
Jay-Tee Screw Machine Products Co229,972.00
Millennium Polishers Inc224,320.00
Federated Paint Mfg. Co. Inc.226,875.00
A & L Construction245,712.36
Lab-Line Instruments Inc.119.89
Mech-Tronics Corp.129,974.00
Agi L.L.C.1110,760.00
Forest Electric Co11100.00
Pollard Motor Co11860.00
Mech-Tronics Corporation13800.00
Wagner Zip Change1717,800.00
Union Pacific Railroad11260.00
Windy City Recycling Inc111,780.00