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Column information
Polluters in Melrose Park, Illinois
International Truck And Engine Corp47261165,087.60
Prarie Material Sales Inc39109155,795.93
Agi Klearfold41354,907.55
American Pharmaceutical Partners Inc394026,766.13
Westlake Hospital439724,407.44
Wagner Zip Change1717,800.00
Mecalux Illinois Inc71813,686.49
Kerry Ingredients Inc4513,240.00
Hi-Temp Inc - Plant 3404113,130.12
Alberto-Culver Usa Inc394513,087.56
Agi L.L.C.1110,760.00
Mech-Tronics Corp.129,974.00
Jay-Tee Screw Machine Products Co229,972.00
Reflector Hardware Corp11149,068.08
Chez Paw Gardens Inc17178,138.43
Handy Button Machine Co391568,024.12
Federated Paint Mfg. Co. Inc.226,875.00
Curto-Ligonier Foundries Co20296,788.63
Federated Paint Mfg Co Inc556,707.44
Peerless Industries10105,932.84
A & L Construction245,712.36
Gottlieb Memorial Hospital64805,688.71
Standard Refrigeration - Div Of Autorad39405,383.51
Benjamin Moore & Co. Melrose Park5105,376.00
Millennium Polishers Inc224,320.00
Lindberg Heat Treating Co6103,636.26
Milani Foods - Div Alberto-Culver Usa Inc38482,902.75
Windy City Recycling Inc111,780.00
Standard Refrigation, Div Of Autorad Inc39791,464.34
Northern Baking39781,134.93
A-1 Tool Corp3941975.76
Pollard Motor Co11860.00
Mech-Tronics Corporation13800.00
Lab-Line Instruments Inc3542321.86
Union Pacific Railroad11260.00
R & R Research Co311248.61
En-Chro Plating, Ltd33225.53
Forest Electric Co11100.00
Lab-Line Instruments Inc.119.89