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Polluters in Loves Park, Illinois
Clinton Electronics Corp464,994.33
Eklund Metal Treating Inc4840,680.00
Gleason Cutting Tools Corp232,700.00
Ingersol Cutting Tool Co Member Of The Imc Group2228,460.00
Invensys Building Systems Inc408515,978.22
Lifetouch Publishing3314,993.32
Meyer Material Co243780,703.47
Midwest Recycling Of Illinois Inc1110.40
Northern Star Plating & Finishing Co384112,309.43
Progressive Steel Treating Inc51141,940.00
Rock Valley Oil & Chemical Co Inc6818,513.88
Rockford Blacktop Construction Co162287,120.03
Rockford Powertrain Inc397916,286.47
Rockford Sand & Gravel - Nimtz Quarry264,800.00
Sesmark Foods Inc394230,394.09
Zenith Cutter Co353619,578.03