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Polluters in Kankakee, Illinois
Cognis Corp55551924,472.50
Armstrong World Industries Inc52118608,068.39
Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc4812531,599.81
Jr Short Milling Co461401,098,089.69
Rohm And Haas Co455349,414.94
Riverside Hospital42114271,880.24
Provena Hospitals D/B/A St. Mary'S Hospital41949,855.36
American Spring Wire Corp404549,966.40
Exide Technologies408056,409.18
Sun Chemical Corp - Printing Ink Div4054103,604.45
Shapiro Developmental Center3939152,801.31
Serologicals Corp394414,639.83
Essex Specialty Products/Mortell394359,883.49
Triangle Construction Co384713,699.81
Hertz-Thoma Chapel383813,488.76
Kb Cores38404,202.59
Azzarelli Construction-Lehigh Plant243168,990.90
Azzarelli Construction Co242435,751.31
Triangle Construction Co Inc23292,093.15
Phillips Pipe Line Co1235100,480.23
American Highway Technology111882,181.31
Heritage Fs Inc772,003.80
Meier Oil Service Inc775,614.61
Lamie Oil Co7710,937.07
Micro Inks Corp6936,949.85
Equilon Enterprises Llc665,869.20
Greater Kankakee Airport33339,620.00
Koerner Airport3374,720.00
Home Appliance & Heating331,980.00
Vulcan Construction Materials Lp244,880.00
Fato Fiberglass Co242,380.00
Dow Automotive25178.40
Dayton Superior American Hwy. Tech. Div.221.19
Nicor Gas121,720.00
Electron Beam Technologies Inc11200.00
The Daily Journal1135,900.00