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Polluters in Kankakee, Illinois
Jr Short Milling Co461401,098,089.69
Cognis Corp55551924,472.50
Armstrong World Industries Inc52118608,068.39
Greater Kankakee Airport33339,620.00
Riverside Hospital42114271,880.24
Shapiro Developmental Center3939152,801.31
Sun Chemical Corp - Printing Ink Div4054103,604.45
Phillips Pipe Line Co1235100,480.23
American Highway Technology111882,181.31
Koerner Airport3374,720.00
Azzarelli Construction-Lehigh Plant243168,990.90
Essex Specialty Products/Mortell394359,883.49
Exide Technologies408056,409.18
American Spring Wire Corp404549,966.40
Rohm And Haas Co455349,414.94
Micro Inks Corp6936,949.85
The Daily Journal1135,900.00
Azzarelli Construction Co242435,751.31
Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc4812531,599.81
Serologicals Corp394414,639.83
Triangle Construction Co384713,699.81
Hertz-Thoma Chapel383813,488.76
Lamie Oil Co7710,937.07
Provena Hospitals D/B/A St. Mary'S Hospital41949,855.36
Equilon Enterprises Llc665,869.20
Meier Oil Service Inc775,614.61
Vulcan Construction Materials Lp244,880.00
Kb Cores38404,202.59
Fato Fiberglass Co242,380.00
Triangle Construction Co Inc23292,093.15
Heritage Fs Inc772,003.80
Home Appliance & Heating331,980.00
Nicor Gas121,720.00
Electron Beam Technologies Inc11200.00
Dow Automotive25178.40
Dayton Superior American Hwy. Tech. Div.221.19