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Polluters in Joliet, Illinois
A & R Transport Inc38389,649.42
Aaa Galvanizing Inc394522,106.89
Ajax Cleaners113,180.00
Altrachem Inc110.88
Anr Pipeline Co459316,756.28
Birmingham Steel Corp55155,520.00
C & S Chemicals Inc12780.00
Caterpillar Inc46497392,810.17
Cdt Landfill282938,340.32
Ceramic Powders Mfg Plant7134,601.30
Clark Station #11881121,300.00
Commonweath Edison Co2527432.35
Desoto Llc - Chemical Products Division3953,860.00
Dow Chemical Co.000.00
Ecolab Inc449216,759.77
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway Co8214,132.18
Exxonmobil Oil Corp4161414,922,726.83
Filtration Group Inc22400.00
Flexible Products Co136,253.78
Gallagher Asphalt283435,498.56
Glenn Tibble Custom Cabinetry Inc11200.00
H S West Campus39399,023.19
Heritage Fs Inc77855.84
Heritage Fs Inc77417.52
Heritage Fs Inc788,359.96
Housing Auth Of Joliet/John O'Holmes Cmp881,340.20
Industrial Color Inc3912316,649.63
Ineos Silicas Americas Llc3925990,382.21
Ivex Packaging Corp4419867,651.28
James Cape & Sons- Wisconsin2549,980.00
Joliet Correctional Center404418,659.21
Joliet Equipment Co22200.00
Joliet Generating Station (#9 & #29)8111616,342,071.41
Joliet Park District Airport33169,820.00
Joliet Sand & Gravel Co2514,280.00
Joliet Youth Center-Dept Of Corrections411213,749.59
Kaluzny Bros. Inc395320,808.28
Kms Energy Inc5558,640.00
Kms Joliet Power Partners Lp6690,720.00
Kozy Acres Pet Cemetery And Crematory37376,496.37
Matheson Trigas Inc3980804.72
Midwest Generation Llc8558658,467,799.62
Midwest Services Inc128,020.00
Mpg Industries Inc110.02
Natural Gas Pipeline Co2214,840.44
Nicor Gas7131,851.48
Northfield Block Co5149,055.14
Norwalk Tank Co11132,055.03
Olin Corp39437,226.05
Ozinga Illinois Rmc Inc395216,695.68
Phibro-Tech Inc3911721,408.13
Pohlers Industrial Electric Service1313120.01
Printing Craftsmen Of Joliet Inc113,200.00
Provena Hospitals D/B/A St. Joseph Medical Center383824,103.69
Quality Laundry Services Inc112,533.44
Return Logistics Inc11120.00
Rho Chemicals Co40441,099.43
Riverside Resource Recovery Llc5525,020.00
Seeler Industries Inc22880.00
Sheffield Steel Corp383844,354.67
Silver Cross Hospital38541,510.83
Smurfit-Stone Container Corp39424,768.44
Speedway Station 74552211,520.00
Stateville Correctional Center394312,477.68
Tezak Funeral Home37375,685.46
Transport Service Co384012,425.49
Universal Head Co Inc225,440.00
Us Department Of Labor393911,446.25
Vulcan Construction Materials Lp246,300.00