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Column information
Polluters in Galesburg, Illinois
Alpha Elevator1148,060.00
Aluminum Castings Corp2415,920.00
Anderson Cleaners117,480.00
Archer Daniels Midland Co39148656,188.72
Bp Pipelines11680.00
Butler Manufacturing Co46467250,817.69
Galesburg Builders Supply Co395311,550.04
Galesburg Castings Inc4253,910.52
Galesburg Cottage Hospital406433,129.50
Galesburg Municipal Airport3395,100.00
Galesburg Ready Mix Corp22120.00
Gates Rubber Co - Galesburg Hose Plant4310669,922.98
Grainstore Elevator/Ophiem Elevator2844,400.00
Grainstore Elevators21423,140.00
Grainstore Elevators22760.00
Gunther Construction Co3383.80
Henry C. Hill Correctional Center4235916,807.24
Herr Petroleum Corp7131,150.62
Il Epa112,960.00
Illinois Dept Of Ag, Animal Disease Lab3838138.84
Illinois Power Co4145923.30
Jefferson Smurfit Corp414628,189.15
Joe The Tailor & Cleaner117,605.00
Knox College45115189,630.97
Koppers Inc.1232.40
Koppers Industries Inc394131,348.33
Maytag Galesburg Refrigeration Prods.000.00
Maytag/Galesburg Refrigeration Products4659236,095.88
Opta Food Ingredients Inc282,500.00
Register Mail, The1117,460.00
Register Mail, The1117,460.00
Spoon River Fs Inc78597.46
St Mary'S Medical Hospital414614,273.00
Thompson Grain Co2848,360.00
United Parcel Service77209.52