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Polluters in Decatur, Illinois
Archer Daniels Midland4285066,626,314.01
Ae Staley Manufacturing Co4358421,539,731.40
Caterpillar Inc491813,126,810.98
Bridgestone/Firestone North America Tire Llc452152,327,969.45
Adm East Plant231,590,914.00
Archer Daniels Midland Co. Decatur West Plant12916,000.00
Adm Decatur Corn Processing Plant1825737,433.20
Intermet Decatur Foundry47327672,981.01
Decatur Airport312560,340.00
Macon County Landfill Corp3238520,404.23
Mueller Co739353,897.52
Archer Daniels Midland Co-N Plant3963298,013.21
Brintlinger Funeral Home4040291,816.80
Adm Bioproducts23163,550.00
Decatur Foundry Inc2281142,743.38
Phillips Pipeline Co-Decatur Terminal920103,693.70
Kms Macon Power Inc4482,300.00
Decatur Construction Services Inc395880,667.35
Macon County Landfill4472,800.00
Prairie Materials Yard 25395371,247.11
Decatur Concrete Recycling Co2459,520.00
Adm Rail Car Repair Facility375256,992.27
Norfolk & Western Railway Co397851,397.48
Vit E Monoglyceride Plant1251,166.00
Curry Ready Mix Of Decatur Inc395349,078.34
Dunn Co-Division Of Tyrolt Inc415948,981.29
Lg Seeds Inc3748,520.00
Millikin University Power Plant397845,546.42
Interstate Brands Corp394537,276.99
Clarkson Grain Co Inc2831,080.00
Huston Patterson1530,760.00
Decatur Memorial Hospital396230,393.70
Zexel Valeo Compressor Usa4021327,751.58
Maroa Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co1125,680.00
Mueller Co399323,977.24
Parke Custom Processing2223,200.00
Fairlawn Cemetery373816,910.57
Aramark Uniform Services Inc3927014,635.46
Peerless Household Cleaners1112,480.00
Bp Service Station5511,640.00
Grohne Concrete384810,991.34
Valeo Climate Control1110,255.00
Decatur Women'S Correctional Center393910,116.36
Superior/ Macon County Landfill28289,794.18
Harding Ese Inc129,060.00
Illinois Power Co - Decatur Service Area778,328.13
Heinkel Packing Co Inc39407,967.11
Vulcan Construction Materials Lp256,760.00
Waste Hauling Landfill28286,149.11
Eisenhower High School-Dist 6138385,777.43
Macarthur High School-Dist 6138385,769.69
Wallace Pharmaceuticals335,600.00
Archer Daniels Midland-Warehouse 898225,240.00
Grigoleit Co8255,110.75
Lehigh Portland Cement Co574,660.00
Midstate Core Co374,660.00
Phillips Pipe Line Co112,620.00
Riba Corp122,520.00
Ase Blacktop & Paving Co27341,975.53
Illinois Power Co-Decatur Headquarters42461,857.53
Archer Daniels Midland Co221,720.00
Prairie Farms Dairy Inc-Decatur Ice Cream Division39391,506.63
Dougherty Oil Co771,378.12
St Marys Hospital40401,363.37
Dynegy Midwest Generation Inc2929863.23
Illinois National Guard11860.00
Archer Daniels Midland Co. West Packaging Plant11600.00
Climate Control Inc3840382.29
Bath Landfill2828380.42
United Parcel Service Inc77209.52
Us Scrap Metal Co22120.00
Mueller Co. Plant 12412.00
Decatur Plating & Mfg Co440.00