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Polluters in Crystal Lake, Illinois
Tc Industries Inc48333288,603.35
Knaack Mfg Co4519071,470.81
Meyer Material Co2459,520.00
Demeter Commodities Lp2858,980.00
Corporate Express1135,860.00
Chemtool Inc384534,875.73
John Crane Inc343834,411.11
Technipaq Inc404730,713.22
Brown Printing Co1128,520.00
Curran Contracting Co282920,537.82
Precision Twist Drill Co3718,741.63
G & M Mfg Corp1116,848.00
G&M Mfg. Corp.1216,839.00
Crystal Lake Tire & Battery1112,220.00
Spancrete Of Illinois6218,720.00
Flexicon Inc118,520.00
Autotrol Corp227,092.00
John Crane Inc.116,369.00
J And L Oil Inc126,100.00
Amherdt Oil Co Dba Speck Oil Co775,739.96
Curran Contracting Co42495,320.83
Farr Co40435,236.13
Geske & Sons Inc25293,193.52
Accura Tool & Mold Inc242,860.24
Mathews Co20201,574.38
Snap-On Tools Co39391,049.99
Tyco Healthcare11520.00
Meyer Material Co Crystal Lake Yard #433840497.25
Tek-Tronics Mfg Inc11300.00
Big Beam Emergency Systems Inc44193.50
United Parcel Service77188.38
Com Ed7763.35
Nicor Gas7763.05