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Column information
Polluters in Chicago Heights, Illinois
Abc Rail Corp39619,549.46
Abc Rail Products Corp24960.00
Ace Hardware Corp4110621,104.14
Alco Spring Industries455318,106.00
Alliance Midwest Tubular Products391327,545.60
Alpharma Inc397476,106.92
Behr Process Corp7817,265.00
Bull Moose Tube Co51613,323.94
Callaghan Paving Inc243123,576.91
Calumet Steel Co40180284,806.75
Cfc International Inc4355407,167.29
Chicago Heights Railcar Inc220.00
Chicago Heights Refuse Landfill282863,237.99
Chicago Heights Steel1627200,459.09
Chroma Liquid Color Corp5848,422.40
City Of Chicago Heights - Safety/Justice1515918.43
Cpi Packaging Inc2217,360.00
Delaney Heald Co228,289.60
Dicicco Concrete Products Co32352.88
Fh Ayer Mfg Co126.24
Fitz / Mar Landfill Inc28281,715.36
Ford Motor Co/Chicago Stamping Plt39782,784.99
Funk Forging Co3839283.40
Gooder Henrichsen Co Inc6630,684.75
Heartland Polymer Inc3336699.71
Imco Recycling Of Illinois Inc6818,097.00
International Mill Service131,160.00
Jt Einoder264,920.00
Kimble Glass Inc385149,353.62
Mcwhorter Technologies Inc113,880.00
Midwest Generation Llc13131.31
Morgan Marshall Industries Inc39803,309.23
Nagle Pumps Inc39464,008.99
Natural Gas Pipeline Co Of America121,485.88
Ozinga Illinois Rmc Inc385252,837.93
Quality Materials Inc257,386.40
Rhodia Inc39309861,179.98
Riverdale Chemical Co405727,880.65
Rohm And Haas Co3426,102.00
St. James Hospital40571,087.98
Trialco Inc3739842.75
Ugn Inc61913,409.21
Vesuvius Usa64136,799.84