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Column information
Polluters in Chicago, Illinois
122 South Michigan Llc3911746,716.54
A Finkl & Sons Co38163114,178.89
A-Korn Roller Inc226,000.00
A-Korn Roller Inc224,180.00
Abbey Finishing Corp101329,979.19
Abla Homes Heating Plant393974,711.59
Able Electropolishing Co3859,207.40
Acacia Park Cemetery & Mausoleum383814,351.37
Ace Plating Co9138,009.19
Acid Products Co Inc222,051.25
Acme Ice Co.12500.00
Action Rack & Manufacturing Co66180.99
Adjustable Clamp Co38781,347.10
Adler Planetarium202043,308.74
Adm Milling Co394021,807.55
Advocate Healthcare/Ravenswood396221,436.60
Aetna Bearing Co391984,481.03
Agri-Fine Corp39405,354.69
Airgas Specialty Gas3320.80
Airport Group International7928,201.87
Akers Packaging Service Inc39796,080.41
Allied Hastings Barrel & Drum Inc61661,540.00
Allied Metal Co7139,217.00
Allied Metals Co591,129.12
Allwaste Container Services1323,640.00
Altman & Koehler Foundry Co Inc22920.00
Altman, Ron278,945.00
Amber Plating Works Inc31116,620.05
Amco Corp22400.00
Amcor American Metal Chem Corp2216.64
Amcor White Cap Llc45362342,539.53
American Airlines-Maintenance Facility42471,484.59
American Decal & Mfg Co45108119,875.95
American Demolition Corp241,720.00
American Demolition Corp24680.00
American Ideal Cleaning Co1113,100.00
American Industrial Service Co383934,699.19
American Labelmark Co4843,675.73
American Linen Supply394015,002.33
American Linen Supply Co39395,587.49
American Mail Well Envelope4435,704.61
American Mail-Well Envelope4524,614.81
American Material Sales24336.00
American Nickel Works414428,707.23
American Precision Castings Inc386312,467.17
American Wilbert Vault Corp5534.94
Ames Metal Products Co22622.00
Amoco Service Station #52891111,380.00
Amoco Service Station #595411660.00
Anderson-Shumaker Co115,760.00
Angelica Textile Services Inc393922,788.94
Apco Deburring & Polishing Inc22320.00
Aramark Uniform Services Inc39392,440.34
Archer Tinning And Re-Tinning22400.00
Archibald Candy Corp-Fannie May/Fannie Farmer396233,798.57
Architectural Specialty Products Inc4431,176.00
Armstrong Tools Inc121618,466.22
Arrow Terminal1560.88
Art Institute Of Chicago374347,735.75
At & T1717510.23
At&T Corp/Chghilcg-Pons778,231.08
Atlantic Aviation114,980.00
Auburn Park Cleaners Inc2223,135.20
Austenal Inc38434,892.83
Austenal Inc.115.00
Automatic Spring Coiling Co404246,023.16
Avenue Food Mart331,401.15
Avis Rent A Car Systems Inc771,941.89
Avon Energy Partners Llc6629,100.97
Awmco Inc38405,456.80
Aztec Material Service Corp573,660.00
B & T Polishing Inc330.25
Bagcraft Packaging Llc426153,720.83
Barnes Plating Corp561,607.30
Barry-Regent Cleaners2215,722.40
Beelman River Terminals Inc286,680.00
Bel Aire Cleaners11873.60
Bell Fuels Inc121,720.00
Bell Oil Terminal Inc39625,194.58
Bemar Electric Motor Service44620.00
Berkshire Foods Inc457616,634.84
Berteau-Lowell Plating Works414418,431.80
Best Kosher Foods Corp394436,606.45
Bethany Hospital387611,352.67
Bio Star Films Llc4756,101.03
Blommer Chocolate Co385374,637.58
Bobak Sausage Co441,014.34
Bobco Inc39796,893.32
Bodine Electric Co352,780.00
Bohemian National Cemetery3838916.78
Bp Products North America Inc5522,500.00
Brachs Confections Inc45164110,783.79
Brandenburg Ind Service Co11220.00
Brandenburg Industrial Service Co222,360.00
Brea Property Management39554,983.02
Brenntag Great Lakes Llc114327,522.68
Brumund Foundry Inc43010,148.64
Budget Rent A Car77898.09
Budget Rent-A-Car Systems Inc11400.00
Bulaw Welding2215,212.80
Bway Corp39787,973.15
C&D Detergents Inc3912726,486.28
Cable And Wireless Usa441,421.76
Cabrini Homes Heating Plant393957,351.65
Calco Plating Co4101,800.15
Cameo Container Corp394026,332.67
Candy & Co394018,257.75
Capital Meat44487.14
Carbit Paint Co414922,075.31
Cardinal Colorprint Printing229,306.39
Cargill - Oilseed Processing Div397839,406.32
Cargill Inc-Salt Division33520,545.40
Carousel Cleaner116,389.76
Cedar Concepts Inc4512,880.80
Central Can Co Inc, A Delaware Corporation4583229,019.80
Central Die Casting40190106,711.18
Century Plating Co Inc40832,171.36
Charles E Larson & Sons Inc39407,153.48
Chemtrade Logistics Inc131,127.18
Chicago & Illinois River Marketing Llc2483,260.00
Chicago & Illinois River Marketing Llc114,800.00
Chicago - Department Of Aviation4320519,142.45
Chicago Aluminum Castings Co Inc261,389.60
Chicago Anodizing364,160.00
Chicago Bakery North395213,972.14
Chicago Baking Co415863,835.64
Chicago Board Of Education39395,637.03
Chicago Data Destruction Corp38381,385.40
Chicago Department Of Water39632,538.89
Chicago Department Of Water3930121,614.09
Chicago Dowel Co Inc394531,741.65
Chicago Dryer Co446615,977.84
Chicago Fire Brick Co3242,464.26
Chicago Gaming Cabinets993,029.39
Chicago Manufacturing Campus11480.00
Chicago Press Corp116,860.00
Chicago South Water Filtration Plant3910125,997.62
Chicago State University393950,729.75
Chicago Steel Container Corp4610875,863.60
Chicago Steel Rule Die & Fabricators Co454620,079.28
Chicago Sterilization Services2420,832.53
Chicago Sun-Times1238,180.00
Chicago Transit Authority393917,594.22
Chicago Transit Authority393920,002.86
Chicago Transit Authority39396,359.69
Chicago Transit Authority393920,045.89
Chicago Transit Authority-Archer Garage393913,283.54
Chicago Transit Authority-Kedzie Garage39394,018.79
Chicago Transit Authority-West Shops3939782.06
Chicago Tribune Co8915,986.56
Chicago Tribune Co4435,376.54
Chicago Trophy & Award Co11480.00
Chicago Turnrite Co11840.00
Chicago Vacuum Castings Corp497,042.50
Chicago, City Of7134,518.21
Chicago, City Of36372,679.92
Chicago, City Of384076,631.58
Chicago-Allis Mfg Corp471357,660.89
Chicago-Read Ctr - Dept Of Mental Health393918,614.87
Childrens Memorial Hospital4057630.81
Childrens Memorial Hospital39391,244.55
Chilo Manufacturing & Plating Co Inc176,000.00
Chr Hansen Inc39833,682.44
Chrome Crankshaft Co Of Ill39831,466.51
Chromium Industries Inc40965,391.01
City Of Chicago113,820.00
City Of Chicago - Lawndale Transfer Station38404,560.89
City Of Chicago - Midway Airport-Dept Of Aviation112,100.00
City Of Chicago - Roseland Pumping Station5524,140.00
Clark Oil Co/ Station #97511240.00
Clark Retail Enterprises Inc114,880.00
Clark Store 20361239,400.00
Clean Harbors Services Inc379311,809.92
Cleaning Club Cleaners114,742.40
Clorox Prods. Mfg. Co.115.00
Cloverhill Bakery394530,508.92
Clybourn Metal Finishing Co2220,579.00
Color Communications Inc449462,981.19
Color Communications Inc.3625,970.00
Com Ed662,592.15
Connelly-Gpm Inc2112,056.00
Container Recycling Alliance2234,920.00
Cook County Hospital Power House4011730,311.02
Cook County Power House401566,354.92
Cowhey Materials And Fuel385280,355.93
Craftsman Plating & Tinning Corp62017,143.94
Crawford Labs.48775.00
Cudner & O'Connor Co11940.00
Culinary Foods Inc397832,397.35
Cygnus Corp226.72
Da Stuart Co41453,395.16
Dador Inc2220,775.84
Daily Southtown Inc414649,320.92
Darco Metal Litho Co414933,980.09
Daubert Chemical Co128230,224.70
De Normandie Towel & Linen Supply Co39797,714.55
Dehler Manufacturing Co881,928.86
Delta Air Lines-O'Hare Terminal 751793,523.09
Delta Technologies148,652.48
Diemand Printing Co Inc1117,380.00
Dike-O-Seal Inc38424,987.87
Division Ameropan Oil Corp4119213,284.95
Dollar Rent A Car22874.36
Domestic Linen Supply Co39393,887.22
Dover Industrial Chrome342,100.76
Downtown Cleaners11420.00
Draw Drape Cleaners Inc384016,199.48
Dreis & Krump Mfg Co39783,276.88
Dupage Die Casting39395,147.75
Durable Specialty Coatings4733,335.52
Ea Cox Co242556,770.92
Ea Cox Co242458,963.96
Eagle Grinding Wheel Corp39412,482.02
Eaglebrook Plastics Inc55788,136.80
East Balt Commissary Inc2587,200.00
Economy Folding Box Corp394318,868.89
Economy Plating Inc39463,237.47
Edgebrook Dry Cleaning & Laundry2216,920.00
Edison Intl. Fisk Generating Station5557,160.00
Edsal Mfg Co Inc47413151,716.71
Ehs Trinity Hospital39403,699.45
Elastomer Processing Group - Chicago1235.00
Elegant Jewel Cleaners111,040.00
Emerson Electric/Us Electric Motor Div Dc Motor39432,438.03
Empire Hard Chrome408131,518.08
Empire Hard Chrome Inc610976.89
Empire Wood Carving Co Inc2240,400.00
Enameled Steel And Sign Co57700.00
Enamelers & Japanners Inc436539,548.40
Engineered Polymer Solutions Inc4323286,302.75
Environmental Group Services Ltd11340.00
Er Moore Co113,108.00
Essroc Cement Corp222,680.00
Ety Co114.00
Evans Food Products Co394510,450.93
Ew Bredemeier & Co373723,093.18
Exxonmobil Oil Corp11760.00
F And F Foods Inc395220,616.49
Fairmont Corp Carpet Cushion Plant1213,440.00
Fan Bag Co4831,212.26
Fci Inc1149,260.00
Federal - Mogul Driveline Products391243,774.61
Federal Chicago Corp226,640.00
Fillip Metal Cabinet Co3839352.34
Finished Metals Inc38391,146.44
Fitzpatrick Bros. Inc2101,720.00
Fleischmann'S Vinegar Co Inc394540,618.10
Focal Point Llc561,400.00
Foote-Jones/Illinois Gear401145,815.95
Ford Motor Co662.90
Ford Motor Co51210635,102.60
Fotofabrication Corp335,820.00
Francis & Nygren Foundry Co4710,612.82
Fred Busch Foods Corp38411,112.64
Frederick Cooper Lamps Inc6616,465.02
Froedtert Malt, A Division Of Imc Llc41136176,031.88
Fulton-Carroll Center38763,584.36
Gac Kansas-Chicago -Springville Inc384311,520.88
Gas City Ltd11860.00
Gatto Indl. Platers Inc.12515.00
Ge Mathis3939753.14
Gem Coat Inc1120.00
General Electric International Inc467713,190.20
General Exhibits And Displays Inc39393,806.05
General Iron Industries Inc263,251.66
General Machinery & Manufacturing Co449,177.00
General Mills Operations Inc21223,760.00
General Packaging Products113850,477.40
General Packaging Products Inc4550,418.19
General Services Administration4417846,262.11
Genieco Inc371,960.00
Geo. J. Beemsterboer Co Inc11160.00
George Pagels Co251,560.00
Georgia-Pacific Corp - Chicago Div42518,303.65
Gibson Couture Cleaners115,491.20
Goes Lithography Co Inc39407,237.74
Gold Eagle Co.239,750.00
Gold Standard Bakery568,372.30
Gonnella Baking Co2218.72
Gonnella Baking Co384316,365.78
Gonnella South3317,660.76
Graceland Cemetery3838492.58
Graham Paint & Varnish Co Inc5749,239.66
Grant Hospital C/O Edgewater Medical Center34504,703.78
Gravure Process Co333.77
Greif Bros Corp Seymour & Peck Div4749,466.50
Griffin Plating Co330.15
Griffith Laboratories Usa Inc405343,674.65
Guernsey Bel Inc397914,274.90
Gutmann Leather Co Inc405024,881.68
H Kramer & Co72047,400.90
H. Kramer & Co.363,839.00
Hafner Duplicating Co Inc11600.00
Harbortown Division, Ibr Corp3316,408.00
Harris Marcus Furniture373821,158.71
Hb Taylor Co3720.04
Heckett Multiserv-Plant 4526440.00
Heick Die Casting Corp59140,000.00
Heineman'S Bakery388145,695.85
Heisler Green Chemical Co11460.00
Helene Curtis Industries Inc4416517,419.07
Henry Frerk Sons Inc395382,396.29
Hertz Rent A Car771,440.94
Hh Howard Corp118.74
Hickman, Williams & Co Of Kentucky798,860.00
Hinckley Springs388010,650.77
Hinckley Springs38381,588.63
Hinckley Springs121,300.00
Holcim (Us) Inc24360.00
Hollywood Cleaners Inc112,288.00
Holnam Inc3810759,641.76
Holy Cross Hospital43987,885.72
Homaco Inc110.76
Horsehead Resource Development Co Inc116581,214.37
Horween Leather Co468050,232.87
Hospital Laundry Services393929,489.86
Howard & Western11860.00
Hrr Enterprises Inc39395,004.23
Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Co5922,879.00
Hvr Manufacturing Co353517,326.71
Ida B. Wells Heating Plant395892,225.89
Illinois Bell Telephone Co772,783.46
Illinois Bell Telephone Co7728,560.00
Illinois Institute Of Technology3922214,521.22
Illinois Masonic Medical Center41977,263.74
Illinois Meat Co.121,750.00
Illinois Mining Corp Inc144,020.00
Illinois Tool Works - Chronomatic Office1114,940.00
Image Packaging61511,584.85
Imperial Plating Co34200.05
Imperial Zinc Corp8447,982.14
Industrial Council Of Nearwest Chicago393923,838.10
Industrial Water Services Inc31232,780.00
Ingersoll Products4249104,685.18
Inglot Electronics Corp11160.00
Innovative Technology & Materials Inc297,140.00
Insignia/Esg Inc - Carrier Hotel24245,133.07
Interior Crafts Inc404435,148.02
International Paper435724,610.78
Inx International Ink Co25288,902.89
Iron Mountain1120.00
Itw Shakeproof Industrial Threaded Products35691,491.91
James Cape & Sons-Illinois11480.00
Jays Foods Inc35427,688.27
Jefferson Park Valet Shop Inc114,043.52
Jel Sert Co39414,296.02
Jensen Plating Works Inc34315.04
Jensen Plating Works Inc4115,680.00
Jernberg Forgings Co404228,866.45
Jlo Metal Products Inc111,240.00
Joe & Frank'S Homemade Sausages Co221,300.00
John Hofmeister & Son112,800.00
Jonas Enterprises Inc4120.24
Jones Lang Lasalle3939147,692.31
Joseph T. Ryerson393924,040.03
Joslyn Mfg - Electrical Apparatus Div441,020.00
Joslyn Mfg - Hardware Div41270,801.43
Jp Custom Metal Finishing330.25
K & D Cleaners119.40
K Cleaners113,163.68
K-Five South Plant294047,857.38
Kap Graphics Inc1160.00
Kappa Products Corp391175,893.52
Kcbx Terminals Co313362,687.64
Keebler Co- Illinois Baking Division3916133,338.15
Kelvyn Park Cleaners115,740.80
Key Club Cleaners1116,660.80
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminals Llc425461,673.37
Kocour Co3962444.36
Kraft Foods Inc39644,386.04
Kraft Foods N.A. Inc.11165,248.00
Kraft Foods North America Inc39616,971.70
Kraft Foods North America Inc4020960,019.79
Krel Laboratories Inc994,880.30
L & M Cast Stone Inc374417,846.09
L & M Cultured Marble Co119,060.00
La-Capannina -Coffee/Alacavannia Coffee Shop2219.00
Lafarge Midwest Inc925217,520.00
Lake Point Foods Inc33543.27
Lakewood Engineering & Mfg Co44124104,618.57
Lakin General Corp22400.00
Lakin General Corp - Roller Division22560.00
Land & Lakes #328284,790.47
Land And Lakes Co3030175,779.14
Lashore Press Inc2427,166.20
Leavitt Tube Co36368,248.39
Leon'S Sausage Co39415,308.03
Level 3 Communications323224,380.05
Level 3 Communications773,905.78
Libra Industries Inc3876420.35
Lindahl Brothers Inc2514,760.00
Loeber Motors Inc112.18
Loretto Hospital39612,921.14
Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital3910120,950.23
Loyola University Chicago-Lake Shore Campus447055,581.81
Loyola University-Water Tower Campus394217,446.80
Lsg/Sky Chefs39393,707.60
Ltv Copperweld - Chicago357,320.00
Ltv Copperweld Bedford Park115.00
Ltv Steel Co41225112,339.02
Luster Products Inc2731,180.00
M & M - Mars4311567,072.08
Mack Chicago5660,136.26
Major Armature Co-Recycling Div11111,160.34
Marblehead Lime Co663954,817.46
Marriott Motor Hotel393929,143.62
Marsco Manufacturing Llc5520,895.39
Marshall Field & Co397840,555.02
Marvel Group Inc45536,324.57
Master Kraft115,824.00
Matchless Metal Polish Co394212,871.42
Mayfair Pumping Station394540,092.99
Mcdonnell & Miller Itt11200.00
Mci World Com202025,628.34
Mci World Com Network Information Center7779,520.00
Mci Worldcom32321,474.41
Mci Worldcom333346,943.57
Mead Packaging4476337,600.36
Meemun Enterprises Inc11300.00
Meigs Field39234,080.00
Melar Litho Inc225,481.00
Merchandise Mart Properties Inc393941,473.88
Mercy Hospital & Medical Center468457,785.94
Meskan Brass Foundry2126,308.42
Metal Finishing Research Corp2460.80
Metal Management Midwest Inc11860.00
Metal Management Midwest Inc121,780.00
Metal Management Midwest Inc11300.00
Metal Management Midwest Inc2211,140.00
Metal Management Midwest Inc2311,520.00
Metal Management Midwest Inc33344,849.11
Methodist Hospital383814,676.16
Metromedia Technologies Inc129,080.00
Metropolitan Exposition Authority32322,214.53
Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authority3939628.76
Metropolitan Sanitary Dist38386,527.80
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District383815,629.05
Metz Baking Co614171,676.04
Meyer Steel Drum Inc396249,842.00
Meyer Steel Drum Inc1134154,254.68
Michael Reese Hospital & Med Center395514,282.94
Midland Industries Inc3912125,175.19
Midway Airport4204,469,300.00
Midway Airport Amc Buildings11860.00
Midway Wire Inc404625,699.70
Midwest Folding Products391111,984.55
Midwest Galvanizing Inc5930,120.00
Midwest Generation Llc8535522,353,231.14
Midwest Generation Llc8318513,240,487.00
Midwest Generation Llc314817,099.08
Mike'S Anodizing Co3846683.58
Million Air114,180.00
Milton Industries Inc223,200.00
Misericordia School - North171724,867.65
Modern Die Casting Corp388350,113.14
Montrose Cemetery & Crematorium383847,512.78
Morgan Services Inc3910713,837.12
Morse Automotive Corp384230,715.04
Morse Automotive Corp4519,620.00
Morton International418917,545.09
Morton International Inc22960.00
Mount Sinai Hospital425324,904.79
Mr. B'S Dry Cleaners11300.00
Mr. Swifty Cleaners Inc1218,969.60
Mt. Carmel Sand & Gravel1124,080.00
Mt. Hope Cemetery383843,983.68
Murboch-Coll-Lillibridge Inc393920,862.05
Museum Of Science And Industry6685,360.00
Mwrdgc-125th St. Pumping Station39393,480.50
N Henry & Son Inc116,200.00
Nacme Steel Processing Llc112,640.00
National Baking Co396037,813.86
National Car Rental System Inc771,440.94
National Casein Co409517,905.09
National Container Services6645.76
National Interchem Corp24532.36
National Railroad Passenger Corp378512,508.27
Naylor Pipe Co387629,228.56
Naz Dar Co38391,425.40
Nazdar Chicago61212,153.00
Nehi Royal Crown Corp418429,417.35
Nelson Harkins Industries1160.00
Nevin Laboratories Inc9910,039.64
New Pack'G Co3636113.01
Newly Weds Foods Inc62013,709.22
Newsweb Corp137,400.00
Nina Enterprises Inc428565,342.09
Nobert Plating2262.49
Nobert Plating Co35855.46
Nobert Plating Co4720,786.22
North American Salt Co22400.00
North Park Cleaners114,717.44
North Safety Products Inc391175,385.34
Northeastern Illinois University396220,072.24
Northway Inc111,180.00
Northwest Airlines Inc77898.09
Northwest Sorting Center38406,851.82
Northwestern Memorial Hospital429516,367.58
Northwestern Plating Works Inc38392,664.03
Northwestern University Chicago Campus6219531,277.61
Nortown Cleaners38393,925.15
Norwegian American Hospital468025,765.97
Nu-Way Cleaners115,418.00
Nystrom-Division Of Herff Jones Inc38761,833.91
O'Hare Airport41634,994,160.00
Occidental Chemical Corp61352,360.00
Ogden Avenue Materials Inc162226,930.57
On-Cor Frozen Foods Inc392349,731.86
Organics/Lagrange Inc383862.66
Original Ferrara Inc775,868.24
Otto & Sons39394,314.44
Our Lady Of Resurrection Medical Center22173.60
Ozinga Bros. Inc395672,797.81
Ozinga Brothers Inc395341,829.42
Ozinga Chicago Rmc Inc395382,396.30
P & H Plating Co Inc3834,802.40
Pace Industries Inc81047,277.51
Packaging Dynamics Inc. Bagcraft Div.114,803.00
Palex Container Systems4194143,341.42
Palex Containter Systems5962,742.02
Pallet City Inc2240.00
Palmer House Hilton393925,778.90
Palmer Printing Inc1511,260.00
Paragon Die Casting Co232,380.00
Paragon Spring And Stamping Co228,440.00
Parallel Lines8825,618.94
Parisian Novelty Co41785,047.16
Parkview Metal Products2424,308.00
Pasco Beverages Inc.112,250.00
Patio Gas 76 Inc1126,200.00
Patrick Media Group Inc38381,762.02
Paxton Landfill #2282819,560.85
Peer Food Products Co6618,536.32
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co391113,971.22
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co - Calumet St39393,441.93
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co - S Dist Sp39416,842.99
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co Rogers Pk38382,025.40
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co-73rd St Reg39393,846.57
Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co-Central Shop3838611.79
Peoples Gas Light And Coke Co431834,591.60
Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers Inc418319,308.09
Phelps Dodge Chicago Rod Inc4118675,479.96
Phelps Dodge Chicago Rod Inc.1213.00
Phoenix Oil Co66466.69
Pioneer Plating Co11200.00
Plastics Capacitors Inc Plant 2228,810.00
Plating Service Co40425,087.16
Poly Cleaners1119,948.76
Poly Cleaners115,678.40
Prairie Material Sales - Plant 2395379,513.87
Prairie Material Sales-Plt #7385280,850.08
Prairie Material Sales-Yard 32344635,914.89
Prairie Material Sales-Yard 33395359,233.87
Prairie Materials Sales Inc384448,005.20
Prarie Material Sales Inc - Aztec Material384975,762.12
Precision Finishing230.90
Precision Forming & Stamping Co.123,952.80
Precision Plating Co384417,236.10
Precoat Metals1015161,209.97
Premier Metal Finishing Inc330.15
Prevue Metal Prod Inc1717671.57
Pride Cleaners Inc1119,800.00
Pride Container Corp408916,284.17
Prima Plastics333,600.00
Primrose Candy Co394620,331.87
Provident Hospital Of Cook County406413,384.65
Pure Asphalt Co38405,253.86
Pvs Chemicals Inc (Illinois)395719,106.81
Quality Snack Foods Inc2335,300.00
R & B Powder Coating6828,053.00
R & B Powder Coating Inc.1212,428.00
R & R Materials117,000.00
R. S. Owens & Co.249,509.00
Radio Flyer Inc39394.42
Radio Flyer Inc4410924,697.22
Rainbow Art Co381141,607.83
Ravenswood Disposal Inc136,440.00
Ready Metal Manufacturing Co38382,579.44
Real Sausage Co38726,114.24
Reliable Asphalt24358,835.81
Reliable Galvanizing Co Inc394311,303.63
Reliable Plating Corp412092,217.43
Remet Corporation119,760.00
Republic Windows & Doors Inc242,820.00
Resource Technology Corp-Paxton613836,480.00
Resurrection High School16161,920.15
Resurrection Hospital438658,184.06
Revere Graphic Services Co147,020.00
Revere Photo Platemakers Co2243,826.33
Rexam Beverage Can Co44549432,778.40
Rhodes Cleaners111,759.68
Rhodia Inc38428,294.69
Rider Dickerson Inc1335,380.00
Rippel Architectural Metals Inc38771,077.03
Robinson Bus Service Inc77898.09
Rock Recycling Inc2347.00
Roosevelt Cleaners116,232.80
Roosevelt University - Physical Plant393936,235.54
Roscoe Co35359,419.86
Roscoe Metal Finishing39393,262.16
Rose Packing Co Inc3915915,730.53
Rotation Dynamics Corp3947337.92
Rotation Dynamics Corp2644,667.00
Rr Street & Co Inc39422,620.12
Rr Street & Co Inc5818,697.27
Rs Owens And Co466849,108.57
Rubens & Marble Inc39783,574.56
Rush-Presbyterian St Luke'S Medical Ctr7102,712.22
Rycoline Products Inc7119,096.00
Ryerson Coil Pickling22701.94
Ryerson Tull38384,332.95
S & B Finishing Co772,413.04
S & C Electric Co4533154,943.17
S&C Electric Co.573,513.00
Sacred Heart Hospital39786,361.50
Safety Socket Screw Corp238,340.00
Safety-Kleen Corp4017228,309.63
Saint Anthony Hospital40648,236.75
Salem Baptist Church393933,607.57
Sara Lee Coffee & Tea Food Service5928,260.00
Sarcol Inc39853,296.50
Schiele Graphics Inc394126,865.66
Sciaky Inc38382,284.88
Scientific Plating Co452,047.00
Scully Jones Corp449512,691.09
Selfix Inc221,240.00
Service Products Inc459716,299.93
Service Web Offset Corp377340,450.97
Seven Worldwide125,080.00
Sh Bell Co21810,000.00
Sheridan Sand & Gravel51436,400.00
Sherwin Williams/A W Steudel Technical Ctr393922,364.77
Sherwin-Williams Co553,920.00
Sherwin-Williams Co.46273.10
Shriners Hospitals For Children-Chicago39911,412.77
Signature Flight Support7162,964.36
Silgan Closures L.L.C. #354826,773.00
Sip North Stetson Venture Llc2929176.61
Sipi Metals Corp172625,974.07
Sk Hand Tool Corp391578,091.57
Small Assemblies Inc123,660.00
Smg/Scott Petersen441,602.11
Solo Cup Co418447,058.73
Solo Cup Co391177,226.20
Soodik Printing Co1426,040.00
Sorini Ring Manufacturing Co Inc438217,824.27
South Chicago Packing Co394342,129.09
Southwest Airlines- Midway Airport39393,476.36
Southwestern Polishing330.10
Sparkleen Cleaners1115,000.00
Sparrer Sausage38381,913.87
Specialloy Inc436110,469.94
Specified Plating Co222,058.00
Spectrum-Roosevelt Limited Partnership3774704.71
Spraylat Corp101820,779.60
Springfield Pumping Station398528,540.31
Sprint-Chicago Switch203921,144.85
St Bernard Hospital393910,659.11
St Elizabeths Hospital394533,907.75
St. Benedicts Parish17171,013.92
St. Josephs Hospital394019,307.37
St. Mary Of Nazareth Hospital Center438922,379.48
St. Xavier University3811410,287.15
Sterling Disposable Products39621,501.14
Stewarts Private Blend Foods Inc4161,812.04
Strategic Materials Inc11360.00
Strombecker Corp6935,553.23
Stromberg Allen & Co2420,600.00
Stutz Co2280.00
Sun Chemical Corp41414,452.60
Superior Graphite Co551,554.78
Swan Cleaners Inc1112,160.00
Swedish Covenant Hospital40646,821.52
Sweetheart Cup Corp43173203,324.18
Switchcraft Inc3314,800.00
Tate & Lyle North American Sugars Inc398699,381.14
Temme Spring Clutch & Brake261,758.40
Tempel Steel Co555,440.00
Temtco Steel - Illinois Div.33685.00
The Finishing Touch330.18
Thiessen Printing & Graphics Corp2226,139.50
Thrifty Dry Clean & Laundry114,914.00
Tootsie Roll Industries Inc449327,222.94
Torco Oil Co-Apex Division7759,380.00
Town & Country Landscape Co1149,780.00
Transo Envelope Co Llc5622,719.74
Tri-State Metal Co172329,957.39
Tribune Properties Inc4811313,742.85
Trigen-Peoples Dist. Energy Center446513,512.83
Trilla Steel Drum Corp394126,864.20
True Value Manufacturing446016,243.62
U Of I At Chicago1140.00
Ugn Inc - Plant 26131,944.83
Union Pacific Railroad11160.00
Union Pacific Railroad Co38381,487.65
Union Wadding Co39391,853.05
United Airlines436966,471.72
United American Metal554,800.00
United Insurance Co Of America3939141,448.59
United Metal Finishers4079492.84
United Parcel Service77209.52
United Parcel Service77710.47
Unity Manufacturing Co55587.01
Universal Electric Foundry Inc373,047.84
University Of Chicago6313859,948.62
University Of Illinois - Chicago643821,133,394.37
University Of Illinois At Chicago4577170,771.74
University Of Illinois At Chicago2280.00
University Of Illinois Hospital224,680.00
Us Diecasting Inc478,470.80
Us Motor Recycling3511,620.00
Us Plating Co221,050.00
Us Steel - Gary Works4584934.10
Usps - Central Vmf111614,412.03
Usps - Chicago1117,460.00
Usps - Western Avenue Auxiliary Garage7741.75
V. J. Dolan & Co. Inc.331,750.00
Va Chicago Health Care System Lakeside Div416723,322.58
Vanek Inc271,320.00
Vegetable Juices Inc1120.00
Verson Allsteel Press Co391187,956.87
Veteran'S Adm West Side Hospital28282,981.89
Vita Food Products Inc3939541.95
Vj Dolan & Co Inc459327,611.93
Vogue Cleaners119,360.00
Vulcan Construction Materials Lp253,040.00
W. R. Grace & Co. Conn. Darex Container Prods.364,152.00
Wagner Brass Foundry Co24380.00
Walsh Construction25258.64
Welded Tube Co Of America4564132,040.77
Wentworth Tire Service111,660.00
Wesco Spring Co222,960.00
Western Architectural Iron Co4150103.96
Western Avenue Pumping Station3824023,814.78
Western Piece Dyers And Finishers391207,493.18
Western Rust-Proof Co40545,370.41
Weyerhaeuser Co435340,377.75
Wheatland Tube Co4286134,020.08
Wheatland Tube Co. Chicago Div.3640,112.20
Wicklander Printing Corp1116,000.00
William Yuenger Manufacturing Co45588,639.76
Wm. E. Wright Co22207.02
Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co42258131,894.57
Wmaq Tv3365435.02
Worlds Finest Chocolate Inc39428,363.48
Wr Grace & Co381307,286.72
Wr Grace & Co - Conn4032982,444.17
Wrico Packaging445128,655.92
Yale Polishing & Plating445016,311.87
Yoo Cleaners115,241.60
Zarco Industries Inc405323,196.76