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Polluters in Champaign, Illinois
Ach Food Companies Inc45305238,200.51
Ach Food Cos. Inc.1227,690.00
Advanced Filtration Systems Inc39153231,841.09
Alloy Engineering & Castings38104192,954.71
Andersons Agriservices Inc112,900.00
Archer Daniels Midland Co220.12
Ashford Industries Inc274496,318.21
Bp Dry-Cleaning Inc1140.00
Champaign Builders Supply Co395341,178.65
Clifford-Jacobs Forging Co51066,980.00
Collegiate Cap And Gown Co3964176,961.53
Concord Custom Cleaners #133116,084.00
Cr Marble Inc1311,920.00
Creative Marble Inc121,680.00
Epiworks Inc114,360.00
Garber'S Modern Cleaners116,400.00
Illinois Concrete Co Inc395369,491.80
Kraft Foods North America Inc459798,483.76
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc713105,059.92
Metal-Fab Inc22400.00
Patterson Dental Co1244,540.00
Plastipak Packaging Inc3434401.19
Prairie Materials Yard 37395382,194.41
Rising Farmers Grain Co21016,224.00
Starcrest Cleaners114,392.96
Steve Gilbert2225,820.00
U Of I - Airport Terminal Building135,220.00
U Of I - Champaign/Urbana636282,336,914.92
Usps - Champaign77898.09
White Cap Llc4410,536.33