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Polluters in Belleville, Illinois
Bell City Battery Mfg Co22400.00
Belleville Landfill4421,540.00
Belleville News-Democrat242,818.28
Belleville Shoe Mfg Co373,654.40
Bfi Modern Landfill Co28288,741.32
Bfi Waste Systems Of North America Inc313117,098.66
Bi-State Disposal Inc Landfill28281,472.38
Building Products Corp381002,532.67
Dickerson-Vangenhen Oil Co775,552.28
Eg Vogt Oil Co Inc663,277.52
Empire Comfort Systems455420,433.98
Excelsior Foundry Co396657,781.72
Home Oil Co7194,696.34
Home Oil Co1220,980.00
Illini Concrete Inc576,240.60
Illinois Power Co77125.71
Illinois Power Co-Belleville Mgp Site111,300.00
J & R Landfill2828284.67
Kettler Casting Co Inc725101,782.66
Kostelac Grease Service Inc232325,288.96
Memorial Hospital631376,880.82
Midwest Soil Remediation6619,340.00
Millstadt Rendering Co39395,729.21
One Hour Martinizing114,268.70
Peerless-Premier Appliance Co4516623,696.36
Quality Plating Works11200.00
Roesch Inc5112,862.52
Roho Inc554,161.23
Schilling Petroleum Co779,142.57
St Clair County / Belleville Lf28282,190.63
St Clair County Animal Control373711,037.25
St Peters Roman Catholic Cathedral3336.58
St. Clair Service Co2573,920.00
St. Clair Service Co7717,303.72
St. Elizabeth Hospital461384,396.78
Stein Bros. Oil Inc774,029.11
Thf Belleville Development Lp1114,500.00
Tip-Top Cleaners116,177.60
United Parcel Service785,189.60
Upchurch Ready Mix Concrete Co Inc61622,740.00
Valhalla Gardens Of Memory Cemetery336,300.00
Videojet Technologies Inc1119,980.00
Weyerhaeuser Co436436,091.89