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Polluters in Alton, Illinois
Laclede Steel Co472562,896,631.39
Alton Mental Health & Developmental Ctr3816118,836.26
Conagra Inc3710625,616.06
St Anthonys Hospital406414,724.21
Alton Memorial Hospital4063480.45
St. Clare'S Hospital396232,322.18
Kienstra Inc395382,276.29
Ready Mix Services Inc395354,825.17
City Of Alton - Department Of Public Works3838775.10
Alton Municipal Landfill28281,198.01
Mississippi Lime Co5249,470.72
Dynegy Wood River Power Station7983,013.60
Thomeczek Oil Co7714.61
Mississippi Lime Co269,860.00
Charles E Mahoney6644,200.00
Jefferson Smurfit Corp66860.01
National Vinegar Co1525,420.00
Lippold Construction Co Inc /Dba Alby Quarry2515,960.00
Gateway Laser Technology Inc331,540.00
Alton Water Treatment Facility338,380.00
Nd Inc1222,380.00
Try Finer Cleaners112,380.00
Temple Cleaners11580.00