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Polluters in Alton, Illinois
Alton Memorial Hospital4063480.45
Alton Mental Health & Developmental Ctr3816118,836.26
Alton Municipal Landfill28281,198.01
Alton Water Treatment Facility338,380.00
Charles E Mahoney6644,200.00
City Of Alton - Department Of Public Works3838775.10
Conagra Inc3710625,616.06
Dynegy Wood River Power Station7983,013.60
Gateway Laser Technology Inc331,540.00
Jefferson Smurfit Corp66860.01
Kienstra Inc395382,276.29
Laclede Steel Co472562,896,631.39
Lippold Construction Co Inc /Dba Alby Quarry2515,960.00
Mississippi Lime Co5249,470.72
Mississippi Lime Co269,860.00
National Vinegar Co1525,420.00
Nd Inc1222,380.00
Ready Mix Services Inc395354,825.17
St Anthonys Hospital406414,724.21
St. Clare'S Hospital396232,322.18
Temple Cleaners11580.00
Thomeczek Oil Co7714.61
Try Finer Cleaners112,380.00