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Column information
Polluters in Muscatine, Iowa
Allsteel Muscatine Components Plant27326180,372.72
Boc Gases1225,677.00
Central Iowa Power Coop. - Fair Station7817912,701,740.50
City Of Muscatine Landfill & Recycling Center282810,047.08
Grain Processing Corporation21195534,908,841.26
H.J. Heinz, L.P.28669196,212.91
Harsco Corp. Heckett Multiserv Plant 52444,967.00
Ipsco Steel, Inc.162492,649,458.10
K.A. Steel Chemicals Inc.116.00
Louisa 8111658,843,598.90
Mckee Button Company85315,618.80
Midamerican Energy Co. - Louisa Station5631953,409,159.78
Monsanto Company - Muscatine 3670/6908/69095313981,896,006.77
Muscatine Power & Water93138819,103,543.39
River Terminal Corp.121,000.00
The Hon Company - Oak Steel Plant2816021,290,165.40
Union Tank Car Co. - Muscatine26474958,652.80
Weber & Sons Button Co., Inc.7715,682.60