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Polluters in West Palm Beach, Florida
Advanced Fabricators, Inc.11760.00
Bv Oilcompany121,260.00
Community Asphalt Corp6999,697.86
Department Of Veterans Affairs102337,690.73
Florida Gas Transmission Company61220,097.07
Holland Pump Mfg., Inc.112,020.00
Indian Trail Improvement District4449,369.60
Jet Aviation Associates, Ltd.144,000.00
Palm Beach County / Cross State Landfill #228281,573.08
Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority23150,634.00
Palm Beach County Solid Waste Disposal Facility282817,354.51
Palm Beach Newspapers, Inc.1255,200.00
Port Consolidated, Inc.226,441.00
Pratt & Whitney28281,863.46
Pratt & Whitney Slf28281,057.57
Precious Plate Florida11250.00
Purecoat International, Llc2213,600.00
Solectron, Inc.1132,040.00
Solid Waste Authority Of Pbc12404,127,387.72
West Palm Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center990.00