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Polluters in Tampa, Florida
Advantage Steel,Inc116,120.00
Amerada Hess Corporation824176,642.98
Apac-Southeast, Inc Central Florida Div.243181,829.40
Apac-Southeast, Inc Central Florida Div.61455,181.63
Ashland Inc.14369,657.77
Axon Circuit Inc.110.60
Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp.516310,280.00
Bausch & Lomb Pharmaceuticals6740,144.18
Bp Products North America Inc93679,420.00
Cargill Inc.- Salt Division616109,962.60
Central Florida Pipeline316177,547.82
Chevron Products Company1792158,844.52
Chromalloy Castings Tampa, Corporation62046,089.53
Citgo Petroleum Corporation10154260,380.60
City Of Tampa34132947,013.84
City Of Tampa-Wastewater Dept.748203,874.60
Clorox Prods. Mfg. Co.119.00
Col. Met., Inc.111247,868.76
Convergent Label Technology2714,519.91
Csx Transportation, Inc.22635,905.28
Delta Air Lines, Inc1324,060.00
E. A. Mariani Asphalt Co.3311.72
Eastern Associated Terminals Co., Llc22096,296.17
Fabricated Products Of Tampa, Inc.1213.76
Florida Cement, Inc.38498,201.58
Gac Tampa Inc.120.17
Gaf Materials Corporation942201,781.32
Great American Marble Inc.1112,892.00
Greater Tampa Bay Auto Auction Company6646,338.00
Gulf Coast Plastics, Inc.1179,400.00
Gulf Coast Recycling, Inc.7172,814,192.88
Gulf Marine Repair Corporation1317116,506.60
Gulf Sulphur Services Ltd., Llp62687,920.00
Harcros Chemicals Inc.1143.00
Hendry Corporation346,450.00
Hillsboro Printing Co1411,560.00
Hillsborough Cty. Resource Recovery Fac.371311,347,729.19
Inland Paperboard And Packaging, Inc.255,647.23
International Ship Repair & Marine Serv.1216201,332.00
Interstate Brands Corporation12100,230.20
J.H. Williams Oil Company, Inc.72111,212.00
Johnson Controls Battery Group, Inc8968,854.32
Kinder Morgan Olp "C"22816,753.50
Kinder Morgan Port Sutton Terminal, Llc226182,170.00
Kinder Morgan Port Sutton Terminal, Llc743577,934.02
Lazzara Yachts, Inc2740,852.80
Lear Corporation71039,809.00
Manna Pro Corporation2148,045.94
Mantua Manufacturing Co.81230,784.33
Marathon Ashland Petroleum Llc834205,620.00
Marimark Corporation71422,638.48
Master Packaging Inc13135,722.00
Master-Halco Inc.129.00
Media General Operations, Inc.37138,121.71
Metric, Inc. (Jan Nylund)112,980.00
Motiva Enterprises, Llc82742,405.40
Murphy Oil Usa, Inc.1651,747.60
Nebraska Printing Company Inc.2433,826.00
New Ngc, Inc.7111614,205.83
Newspaper Printing Company, Inc.6814,979.12
Old Manhattan Avenue Class I Landfill2828324.45
Oldcastle Retail, Inc. D/B/A Bonsal Amer7179,127.01
Photoengraving Inc5521,717.54
Polygard Inc.116,379.06
Pops Painting, Inc.111,800.00
Reptron Manufacturing Services1114,900.00
Rinaldi Printing Company1318,940.00
St. Joseph'S Hospital122011,924.33
Storopack, Inc.1117,100.00
Sypris Electronics L.L.C.112.40
Sypris Electronics Llc1643,620.00
Tampa Amalgamated Steel1212,960.00
Tampa Armature Works63124,791.66
Tampa Bay Shipbuilding & Repair Company2239474,220.83
Tampa Electric Company75746165,738,080.52
Tampa Electric Company221,008,651.18
Tampa Fiberglass, Inc.3323,640.00
Tampa Steel Erecting Company111236,385.00
The Orion Companies334,941.80
Trademark Nitrogen Corp23101,249.00
Transflo Terminal Services, Inc. (Ttsi)332,020.00
Transmontaigne Product Services Inc.31286,660.00
U.S. Air Force Macdill Afb4824.21
Uniroyal Optoelectronics Inc.11250.00
Univar Usa Inc. Tampa Facility361,418.00
University Of South Florida (Usf)7214,941.02
Vertis, Inc.93070,240.00
Ward Oil Company1531,920.00
Westship World Yachts2551,340.00
Weyerhaeuser Company212431,704.50
Yuengling Brewing Co.72634,658.85