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Polluters in Sarasota, Florida
American Marine Holdings, Inc.411167,400.00
Bee Ridge Landfill28283,742.20
Chris*Craft Boats - Plant 1611242,086.00
Eaton Aerospace Llc488723,129.59
Florentine Marble Mfg. Corp.121,436.00
Flowers Baking Company Of Bradenton, Llc310119,958.60
Jackson Marble Inds. (Dba Marble Specialists)11250.00
La France Corporation227,400.00
Mrc Precision Metal Optics, Inc.330.00
Sarasota Co. Board Of County Comm'S3463222,447.82
Scott Paint Co.231,750.00
Wellcraft Marine115,373.00
Wellcraft Marine Plant #137147,788.00
Wellcraft Marine Plant #666754,646.99