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Polluters in Pompano Beach, Florida
Aluminum Systems, Div. Jrr Group113,000.00
Champion Motors Incorporated28281,573.08
Chemcentral Intl.12255.00
Custom Marble, Inc.3316,868.00
Dometic Corporation552,269.40
Entegra Roof Tile Corp231,314.00
First Marketing Corp. / Taylor Corp.177,239.40
Loewenstein, Inc.1174,680.00
Media Printing Corporation4835,228.00
Monierlifetile Llc3449.02
Oldcastle Retail, Inc.3134,153.70
Precision Metals Industry113,100.00
Stimpson Company, Inc.8134,112.22
Sun Graphic, Inc.718565,726.01
Sunset South - Taylor Corporation2155,133.00
Tm Windows And Doors Company4812,840.00
W R Grace & Co6185,851.40
Waste Management Inc. Of Florida49343,401.99
Wheelabrator North Broward, Inc.421392,925,293.03