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Polluters in Pensacola, Florida
Apac-Florida, Inc6690,000.00
Arizona Chemical - Div Of Ipco51431,259.00
Armstrong World Industries, Inc.7361,000,740.29
Auto Shred Industries Dump2828171.32
Baker & Son Construction Co. C&D Lf2828652.65
Beulah Landfill2828408.03
Blazer Boats, Inc.2565,006.00
Coastal Fuels Marketing Inc. - Pensacola Terminal220.00
Fact-O-Bake Of Pensacola, Inc.61520,490.00
Ge Generators (Pensacola) L.L.C.1115,280.00
General Electric Automation Services117,580.00
Gulf Power Company81663125,011,161.23
Gulf Sulfur Services Ltd., Llp412106,006.40
Mocar Oil Company, Inc.1410,660.00
Pall Membrane Technology Center, Inc.7826,303.40
Panhandle Paving & Grading (Long Lf)2828403.23
Pcc Print Shop Inc1345,000.00
Pensacola Christian College, Inc.619261,406.79
Reichhold, Inc.1422131,732.00
Sacred Heart Health System11116,962.10
Transmontaigne Product Services Inc.31239,750.00
United States Navy64296,321.94