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Polluters in Panama City, Florida
Arizona Chemical Company15452,851,660.29
Bay County Board Of County Commissioners9361,085,430.03
Bay Resource Mgt. Center (Nti26239)14222,226,844.57
C W Roberts Contracting Inc332,643.01
C&C Manufacturing, Incorporated37280,585.01
Chevron Products Company1614594,121.81
Eb Pipe Coating Inc.813171,590.00
Florida Asphalt Paving Co. C&D Facility28281,024.32
G.A.C. Contractors Inc.6933,261.40
Majette North And Majette South Slf28282,805.19
Northwest Florida Holdings, Inc.81330,735.15
Parthenon Prints5799,740.00
Sage Lumber Company Llc162610,186.72
Spurlin Industries, Inc.24231,700.00
Stone Container Corporation2829929,111,106.22
Textured Coatings Of America,Inc.3329,280.00
Triangle Construction Road Building Inc.6921,662.40
U.S. Navy Nswc Dahlgren Div. Coastal Sys. Station110.20
Whitaker Oil Company1530,171.60